Keeping Your Energies High In A Dividing World

By Liz: Our planet is in the process of Ascension and all who live upon her have the opportunity to go with her to the next higher vibrational frequency. Those of us – of you, who walk in the light, who work with and focus on the higher vibrational frequencies of light (which translates to divine love) will have noticed a shift going on in society of late. It is like there are two separate timelines forming. In one timeline, people are regrouping and relearning the value of community and faith. That faith, that revival of the highest, and purest of higher frequency ideals, may be of an individual via a religion or of the many other roads travelled by spiritual men and women in the fulfilment of their soul’s purpose.

Many who are incarnated now have incarnated to help with the ascension of this planet, and to help others ascend with her.


But the timeline is splitting, as the ascension process means many of us are turning our backs on corruption of all kinds. Corruption buy its very nature, lowers energy to the lowest common denominator.

Not everything or everyone is of the light. There are forces of darkness that profit from greed, war, pain, control, and dominion. These can manifest as spiritual entities or as people seeking power over everything and everyone. Many such dark individuals have found purchase in world governments, and in powerful corporations. It is easy to control people if you divide them. It is easier to break people and lower their energy if you destroy family and community. That is why everything we see on the TV or read in the paper is polarized. It is also why social media accounts are increasingly censored.

How do they divide a community? Families are targeted first because from family the community is born. Strong united families are the foundation of a strong united village – then town, and then country and so on and so forth. (I believe there is a Confucius says quote on that as well).Dark forces cannot control or coerce such a community.

Race is often the next wedge the dark uses to divide us. Then religion and politics. In every instance it is an us versus them – where it should be a ‘we the people, together as living beings with a soul.’

And so, everything the media presents us with, and some of the outrageous and oftentimes conflicting government policies that are mandated and legislated are meant to divide us energetically and physically.

Keeping your vibrations high is challenging through these times. Some of the things you can do to separate yourself from the dark, low vibration timeline is as follows.

Work on keeping your vibrations high by turning off the TV, radio and ditching newspapers. Or limit the time spent on them, and realise we are not getting objective news, we are being presented with a scripted story.

Limit your time on social media or use it with care. Not everything you see is real there either.

Meditate to raise your vibrations. The more you do, the easier it will be to discern what is real and what is fake. Listen to your instinct, not what is being imprinted on you via the above.

Be your authentic self. Let your higher self be your guide.

And most importantly, find like-minded people and embrace that community. Have a monthly meeting where you discuss and implement survival mechanisms for this divisive world. Find your tribe and take care of each other.


Love and Light,




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