Attracting An Abundance Of Good Things

By Liz: How do you attract abundance of good things? and how will you avoid attracting the bad?

When we think about abundance we tend to think of money and property. It is easy to measure our sense of worth – our perceived sense of worth, by standing ourselves up against others. But looking at what they have and what we feel we lack is an undesirable way of looking at our life and our own achievements.

For example, the people we compare ourselves against may be on another level, such as older (so had more time to get where they are), or on a different life path. We don’t know what they had to go through to get where they are in their lives, or what they have had to do to stay there. We only see what we want or wish for that they possess.


If we continually look at what others have and what we have not, we will always feel a sense of lack and dissatisfaction with ourselves and with what we have. When we feel this way, it then becomes easy to disregard what we do have to be appreciative of.

Spirit does not discriminate. Spirit is energy. Spirit will take you quite literally. So, if in your mind you tell yourself that your life and what you have is nothing and worthless, can you guess what you will attract? 

You will attract people and circumstances where you are disregarded and taken for granted. You may fall out of existing relationships or work – because your thoughts are changing the energy that the rest of the world perceives you by, and your thoughts will create your reality.

Attracting abundance starts at the grass roots level. From here, all other good things will come. Think about how many native and aboriginal communities would thank the animal spirits and nature spirits for providing the food for the people. Western society used to say Grace, which was a similar act of giving thanks to spirit for that which gave of itself so they could live. Nightly prayers used to be the way people reviewed their blessings and considered others.

What this did, was place our mindset into a state of appreciation for what we did have, and what the ‘faith’ did, was set the intent for the future for more of the same.

Birds of a feather flock together, and like draws like, and you must hold the energy for abundance to come to you.

The easiest way to do this is to set a daily intent, a modern-day prayer to your higher self and your spirit guides. Say words to the following effect.

I ask this day to live with grace and to draw an abundance of all things good, both for myself and others, and an abundance of light and love, and guidance, and protection from my highest guidance and healing angels in the light. 

Why do we specify good? Because if you just call on abundance, it could be an abundance of what you don’t want.

You may not win the lottery, but you will start to notice small pleasantries and coincidences, starting to build and lead you to the right people and circumstances. Something will always crop up to assist you. You just need to keep the faith, hold the energy and prepare to be guided by paying attention to and appreciating the little things.


Love and Light,


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