How To Get Flow To Unblock Feelings

By Aleece: A little checkup to see if you need to unblock some stuck feelings. Look at your hips- can you rotate the hips easily, or sit cross legged with knees falling open to the ground, or touch your toes? Hip joints and muscles are where we stuff our feelings. Weird huh?

We can slip into anxiety or depression by circumstances that we linger on, so we stuff them. But stuff in our tissues are our issues that need our attention, I have been told. So ready to create some flow?

This article features what everyone has available as a tool- breath. Paying attention to your breath moment by moment gets you present; you’re not thinking about the past or the future. Deep breaths give signals to your body that it is safe.


BIG feelings often need space to unpack them. You recognize you have some and you have breathed deeply to feel safe; now let yourself feel the feelings you have stuffed away- they are probably the unpleasant or negative ones- the ones that you may try to avoid, escape, deny. Give yourself a safe space to sit with those for a bit, let the feelings communicate with you what they are there for. Once you recognize the message, the feelings can release.

Now this is an approach of listening to feelings, and not medical advice. If you feel that you need more support, please reach out to get professional help. I am not licensed to give medical advice, but will support you spiritually and emotionally as you navigate your message that you unpacked. You are not separate, but joined with others on this experience.

Many are meditating, as it is a way to sit with yourself and listen in. Close your eyes and focus on your inbreath and outbreath. Relax your entire body in whatever works for you, with music, with pillows. The goal of meditation is to become a witness of your thoughts. As you acknowledge them, they lose their power over you and you can let them float away. If you do this consistently, you’ll notice that throughout the day, you’re struggling less with negative thoughts, ultimately experiencing more joy. Some people use a mantra to get beyond the random thoughts, and simply saying “One” is a way to give the mind a word to suck on.

Moving deeper, is a practice that can center and empower you. Kundalini Yoga is a spiritual practice. Kundalini means mother, and is viewed as the “coiled energy” within your spine that can be released to move up the spine, to unblock your energy centers. This nurturing spiritual energy is released to flow and balance you. I discovered this in the time of the pandemic and feel healthier, stronger, and generally happier as I practice this regularly.

Don’t have interest in a spiritual path, but do want help? Are your breaths shallow or deep? Start paying attention to the way you breathe throughout the day. A relaxed, focused deep breath will relax the muscles and temporarily clear your mind of negative thoughts. Breathwork can be used to help you relax, and get access to more serotonin. A specific tool in breathwork practice if you’re feeling anxious, is to slowly inhale to the count of four, hold it for two seconds, then exhale to the count of six. This gives a message to your nervous system that it’s safe, which turns off the cortisol and allows you relief from stress.

Finally, how to relax your mind from controlling your breath; it is time to dance. Yes, get your groove on and move to the music. Smile and get your happy on. Dancing is great for the mind and body and is a fun means to take care of your mental space. This is what self care looks like and doesn’t have to involve a spa date or expensive treatment. Awaken to new life within you and FLOW. Wiggle the hips and roll the shoulders and be at peace in your body for just right NOW.

Congratulate yourself for creating some flow in your body. What is good for you and is also a gift to others. Self care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what is left of you.


Love and Light,


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