How To Boost Your Confidence

By Erin: Sometimes we have it and other times we feel like total failures! You can feel super confident in some areas of your life, but then dip to zero in other parts. So how can you feel more confident in a more balanced way?

My 5 top tips on how to boost your confidence:

  • Treat your body well. This isn’t all about being a size 0 or having washboard abs. It’s all about doing what makes YOU feel confident in your own skin. Eat good food, drink water, take regular exercise, but also make sure you buy clothes that compliment your body. Look after your body as best you can. 


  • Take time to do things that you are good at. If you have a talent for drawing, maybe you are a great at making people laugh, you have a passion for fashion, or you are an amazing cook! Make time to nurture your gifts and strengths and allow yourself to feel good about that. Help others where you can and be proud of your natural abilities.
  • Try new things. Don’t get stuck and fall into a boring Groundhog Day situation. Take up new hobbies, meet new people and explore the things that interest you.

Learning and growing is so good for your emotional well being and you naturally gain more confidence by putting yourself out there and trying new things. Have fun, step out of your comfort zone and pat yourself on the back for living a full life and busting through your fears.

  • Learn the lessons. Life chucks all sorts of stuff at us and your confidence grows with experience if you take from it the life lesson. Life doesn’t go to plan but there is always something that you can take away from the experience, to expand your wisdom and see the bigger picture. Forgive, move on and make good choices based on all that life experience you have under your belt.
  • Protect your energy. You may have encountered some people in your life that have the tendency to put you down, discourage you and make you feel bad. This is a massive confidence destroyer especially when we experience this in childhood.

Always remember that you are in control of your future.

Everyone has the right to follow their own path, try new things and follow their dreams. Don’t let anybody stop you. Cleanse your energy daily and journal around any negative beliefs that you are holding. Black Tourmaline is a good crystal to carry with you for energy protection.

Do things that scare you, spread your wings and open yourself up to new experiences.

Your confidence will sky rocket and you will feel on top of the world.

Come and have a reading with me on LifeReader today and lets get you back on track to living the life you want.


Love and Light,


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