How To Manifest Your Dream Partner

By Erin: Love, it’s a complicated thing isn’t it and sometimes it can feel like you will never find that special someone. But don’t despair, you can use the Law of Attraction to move things along.

Here are 6 tips on how you can manifest your dream relationship:


  • First, you need to get clear on what type of partner you would like. What’s important to you, what kind of personality do you like, what interests do you share, etc. Getting really clear on what you want in your love life sets the foundation for what you will attract into your life. If you always settle for the man/women who doesn’t treat you right just because it’s better than nothing, then you are not allowing space for the right person to come in.
  • Write out your dream partner list. What does he/she look like, how do they dress, what job do they have, what do they like? Describe them and have fun with this too! You don’t have to be specific on everything, just the things that are important to you.
  • Have a clear picture in your mind of this person now you have completed your list. See them in your imagination and play out movies in your head of you having fun together, laughing and what dating them will look like to you. What this does is activate the Law of Attraction to start drawing this person to you energetically.
  • Enjoy this manifesting game and have fun with it. Don’t focus on the fact that they haven’t appeared in your life yet, just keep thinking of this dream partner as though you know that they are in the process of coming into your life.
  • Everyday for 10 minutes, sit and play this out your mind and feel excited about it! Manifesting should be fun and enjoyable and treat like a game. Manifesting can be much slower if your mood is low so do whatever you can to keep your mood happy and light-hearted. Think of a child on Christmas morning kind of excitement, playful and giggly.
  • Now the final part of the process is to keep your eyes open for the next month. Look out for synchronicities, chance meetings or invites that might come your way. The universe will begin to meet you half way and open doors for you so it’s your job to jump at these opportunities when they show up. You might get set up on a blind date or get in intuitive idea to join a local group or you might just bump into this new love in the queue at the supermarket. It can happen in any number of magical ways, so your job is to look out for these little moments and act on them. If you like the new guy at work, ask him out before someone else does! Go to that party and be open to chatting to some new people. It might be a little scary, but it’s also a great way to boost your confidence and to make new friends too which is a win, win.

So, give it a try, have a little patience and stick with it. You deserve to be happy and to find a wonderful partner who you can enjoy your life with. So why not help things along use the Law of Attraction.

Work your magic!


Love and Light,


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