When He/She Isn’t Calling You Back

By Erin: So, you meet a guy/girl and you’re super into them, but they go cold and distant on you, what do you do?

Here are my top tips for dealing with the distant lover.

Don’t panic – The first thing that you might feel is panic, thinking that he/she doesn’t like you anymore.


The truth is that there could be several reasons why they haven’t been in touch so don’t always jump to the conclusion that they have lost interest in you. This will just make you anxious and put you into overthinking mode. 

Keep yourself busy – Rather than driving yourself crazy waiting for your phone to ping, keep yourself busy and focus on other things. Do some decluttering at home to clear your energy space, have a pamper day with a hot bath and a face mask and get your self love on! Take a drive out somewhere and soak up some nature, take in the view and scenery. Nature is a good way to calm your mind and ground yourself.

Reach out once – Give him/her a quick text to let him/her know you are thinking of him/her but don’t bombard him/her. If he/she is busy at work or maybe having a family issue, just give him/her time to sort out his//her day. Each time you get the urge to text, take a minute, breathe and go and do something else like make a cup of coffee or go for a 5 min walk. Sometimes people just need a little time alone or to see their friends and family so be patient. The last thing you want to do is scare him away and come across as too needy. You are strong and independent, so practice some patience here.

Lead a full life– Be careful of making this person your life focus. I’ts great if you feel a strong connection to another person, but keeping your life in balance in essential. To keep your well-being in tip top shape, keep your life varied and exciting. As well as work and family commitments, make time to do things that you enjoy. Have hobbies, interests and passions that make you happy, even you can only spare 5 mins a day. Spend time with people you like and if you find that you don’t have a lot of people in your life, then join a group or take a class to meet some new people with similar interest to you. Maybe a book club, walking group or a spiritual circle. 

Visualize him contacting you – On a metaphysical level, you can give things a nudge too. Visualizing is a powerful tool for making changes in your reality so you can reach out to your lover energetically.

Close your eyes, relax and allow your imagination to form a picture of you and your lover. See him/her standing in front of you and send his/her love. Smile at him/her and feel how happy you both are to see each other. Stay in this visualization for a few minutes and then release it out into the universe. You could light a candle while doing this, I recommend pink or white. 

Have patience and if you need further guidance then come and have a chat with me on Life Reader today.


Love and light


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