Get Up Woman!

By Summer: Dear woman, Hear me roar! You are perfect just as you are, you don’t need anyone’s approval, you are perfectly created inside and out and don’t need to be spoken to like you are below anyone. Dream big don’t let anyone crush your Dreams, you are the master of your destiny and don’t have to be a follower if you can become the leader.

Stand up for yourself, speak up let everyone hear your voice you don’t have to hide behind a mask no more! Express yourself and tell your story how painful it might be someone out there might find hope after hearing your story and turn their life around.

1summer2 Believe in yourself, don’t put yourself down, you are not a puppet you are not a doll and you definitely not a toy, you are unique and you have a voice a personality and a heart don’t let anyone ever make you feel small. Hold onto your worth and practice self love again, don’t be scared to love yourself, you don’t have to hide away from your true self!

If people can’t accept you for who you are then the problem is not you it’s them. It’s their issues they have to work on. Why do you allow other people’s opinion of you? Don’t let this get you down this much! No! Stop doing that to your self, take back your power that you so freely gave away to anyone that you put on a pedestal.

Your biggest downfall is giving away your power to anyone! Stop being the victim and take action in your own life. If you are getting abuse or bullied then take the appropriate action don’t sit and wait for better days to come take action, you are the master of your own destiny and you deserve to be happy. You are no one door mat don’t allow people to walk over you. You need to hold onto your wort so that you don’t allow yourself to be treated badly by others. Don’t let anyone make you feel worthless because of your gender. You are more than capable of achieving and doing great things with your life. You are not weak you are strong, the only reason you feel weak is because for too long have you listen to other people’s negative opinions. Step away from the drama and create your own happy space.

Let go of the things that does not serve you, there is really no point holding onto bad toxic relationships that leads nowhere where you just get stuck in a bad cycle relating the same old things. Lady Take back your power!

Get back up and fight, you are a beautiful warrior, don’t let anyone put you down. We are all equal no one is better than anyone. Being a woman does not make you weaker forget about that idea, now come to on hold on to your worth make a difference so that others can learn from you too.

You need to change your mindset again of who you really are allot of you have been conditioned in a certain way by abusive partners or family members. Maybe you feel lost and don’t know who you are or what you even like anymore. This all needs to change, so that you can see that you are more than what you think you are. By changing your mindset, you will also start standing up for yourself again and for others. It breaks my heart to see so many women still suffer in silence by the hands of an abusive partner either verbally, mentally emotionally or physically. You don’t need to suffer in silence it’s time to own those wounds and let it out. Take back your power!


Be strong, be brave, you are enough, you are Wonder Woman!

Love and Light,


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