How The Number 555 Changed My Life

By Summer: This number is very special for me, whenever it appears in your life get ready for major life changes, big and small but mostly big life events that change everything around. These changes do not happen overnight, it’s gradual until one day it shakes your world around and yes, some changes come as a big shock and if you resist the upcoming changes it gets delayed and becomes more painful.


So rather just go with it, if you feel something is happening except it it might  seem scary at first because you don’t know where you’re going to end up. But from my own experience it usually ends up positive, okay life is full of challenges so no escaping that, but it’s about how you perceive the world around you and the situation you might find yourself in. It’s about changing your mindset so that when you feel your world is shaking around everything is falling apart that you will be mentally ready to let go and allow new experiences in your life. And be okay with stepping out of the old and into the new. Yes, it’s very frightening to go through that phase in your life where you enter a new chapter blindly, the fear of the unknown is  scary, so letting go of things no longer serving you can be hard, yes because that was your safety blanket before, now you dumping the safety blanket and who knows what’s around the corner well that’s where faith steps in. Make sure you have faith when you see the 555 appear.

You can’t go through life without God by your side! You got to have faith that even in the darkest corner there is always light that will come from somewhere. You might feel there will never be light, but I can assure you there is might for everyone, no matter what you did in the past no matter how much you have messed up before. Everyone is here to learn and grow and everyone has a purpose and everyone has more than one chapter in their life. Yes, so after this chapter of your life the problems will go away or stay it’s up to you to change the different stories in your life. Do not resist change, if something happens to you there is always a reason, maybe you won’t understand it yet but someday you will. If it’s something really bad it’s usually related to old karmic lessons. It could be payback from previous life’s or it could also just be life lessons you are suppose to learn this lifetime. So 555 give us the opportunity to start over, so usually what happens is as an example, the house you have been living in gets sold or you can no longer afford it and you are forced to move out, now you see you love the house you don’t want to move, but everything goes wrong so you are basically forced to leave and start over somewhere else. Or your business fails and you end up selling your company or you lose a job, forced to find something else, or you split from your partner.

Usually it’s more than a few things all happening at once, out of my own life experiences I have learned it’s never just one thing it’s usually rather big drastic changes. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying if 555 appears in your life you going to split up from a good husband or boyfriend no, I’m saying you will experience other changes the that will, everyone is unique, but if there are things not good for you, things no longer serving you, then, it will be taken away from you to put you back in the right path. God will never break up a good family. I’m talking about if your partner is bad for you like abusive and cruel, then God will help you remove those obstacles that standing in your way of living your best life. So see 555 as a blessing, an angel in disguise wanting to help you to get to the next level back in the path where you suppose to be. Maybe getting a new home and a job in a new environment opens the door where you find your true soul purpose and if you were left behind in the old environment then maybe circumstances would not have helped you to discover this purpose. So you see things happen for a reason and if God feels you are stuck and not walking the path you suppose to be walking then, things will get removed so 555 is there to help to make you aware of upcoming big important life changes.. So when that day comes that you don’t get such a big fright that you feel like running away. So don’t let fear hold you back you already know that there are certain things holding you back. You already know that  things must change in order to get better results. As a psychic I can see when the 555 appears in my clients life’s. I can help you.

The number 555 saved my own life, I started seeing it everywhere for about 2 years before the actual major changes started to manifest in my life. Yes, I was very scared, it was rather dramatic, I felt like I was losing control of everything. I was not in control of anything anymore, everything around me was taken away. I knew it was coming and I resist so much it became painful and then God said let go now, and still I resisted. My world was shaking, yes I got a big fright one second you feel you have everything under control the next day nothing. I did lost some faith but I quickly got it back because I decided to just surrender, yes as easy as that, God lifted me up and just like that I was given a new life. Far better than before, the life I always dreamed about, the one I secretly manifested and yes at times gave up home during the shift. But I held onto faith and it lead me into the right direction, 555 saved me.

I wish I never resisted for so long I should of trust more. But I’m only human. And learned valuable life lessons. Now I can look back and see 555 warned me for so long ignored the signs I wanted to pretend it did not happen because change is scary you don’t know what next. But 555 is always a good positive outcome. So don’t be scared live a fearless life. Look out for the signs and see the bigger picture. Be ready to start a new chapter it’s okay to let go. You will be okay!!!

And always remember change brings new opportunities, change is always hard at first messy in the middle and gorgeous in the end!


Love and Light,


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