The Dark Side Of Love

By Summer: Dear Women, When your partner constantly gaslight you to keep the upper hand in the relationship you should see it as a big red flag and not ignore this narcissistic behavior. Life is so precious, so short it can get taken away from you in a flash, why do woman still have to go through abuse when life is so challenging already, why can’t woman just have peace and enjoy life like they are suppose to.

1summer2 Why do so many women have to walk on eggshells and live in fear from the moment they open their eyes nervous of what might happen during this day. It’s not fair, it’s not right! You should not have to live like this, there is so much stuff going on in the world, natural disasters, politics, murder, rape, and then you have some woman who live in fear because of abuse. Abuse comes in many forms emotional and mental and verbal is far more damaging I think than physical. Physical is very bad no one should suffer by the hands of another, but verbal abuse, mental abuse and psychological abuse leaves deep scars of self doubt and lasting insecurities, you develop trust issues because how can the person claim they love you if they treat you like this…

It’s very toxic and it’s very damaging to your soul when someone tries to constantly manipulate and control you they make you dependent on them from The beginning making you feel you will be nothing and lost without them and their money, they lure you in with money if you have none taken advantage of your vulnerable side first, then you become so stuck you can’t get out. It’s not that easy to get out of a abusive relationship despite what any one has ever told you. You need to become independent first but that person will make it very hard for you to get independent that’s when they start losing control and power over you, they will upset you so that you can’t work they know your weakness so look out for that. I have been in 3 abusive relationships, all 3 was living hell and it took me a very long time to heal and to get my power back. Talking about my experiences will heal me, this I know and most importantly trying to help another woman to open their eyes and wake up is healing too. God told me to use my experiences to help other people. And This is why I’m writing about something so emotional. I know what you’re going through and I speak to so many ladies who are extremely vulnerable and need help. I can help you, reach out to me and I will try my best to help you through these challenging times.

When a woman suffers, they mostly do it in silence and they keep the painful things for themselves and it is hard to help someone if they don’t open up and it’s very hard to trust the right people, I understand that. But keeping all those pent up emotions to yourself is very bad and can eventually destroy your soul, it will eat you up from the inside. You will become weak and get so lost that it will be very hard to find yourself again. Walking around angry and miserable for the rest of your life is really not worth it!

Take action in your own life is the only thing that is going to help you get out the mess that you are in. Speak up, be true to yourself, you only have one life, why waste it on the wrong people? Why suffer like this? Take action and leave your abuser, they will never change. It is a hard pill to swallow and you might be so dependent on them for financial help but get yourself up right now and find solutions. Find a way. God don’t want you to suffer like this. God has other plans for your life and you are the only one that is delaying the process now because you are too afraid to let go. Too afraid of the unknown, too afraid of his threats. Let go of fear and let God lead the way!

I know it’s hard to do… But, have some faith and remind yourself that life is too short and you have to enjoy this life. You should not be a prisoner of your own life.

You know in your heart what is right and what is wrong, you can feel something is not right, why do you ignore it if the person is not right for you? Why don’t you just leave. Get your power back take action, you are in control despite what your abuser might say and make you feel. You came into this world alone, you were never once attached to the abuser so, set yourself free. You are not meant to be chained to the abuser, break down those locks and chains and set yourself free. There is a better and healthier life just waiting for you.

Yes, even if you have to start over from scratch, it’s not so bad, material things mean nothing, your life means more than the luxury lifestyle you are living. And it doesn’t mean if you start from scratch, it will stay that way.. GOD PROMISES to give you the life that you deserve if you are willing to trust him.

I know many of you might have lost faith in God and maybe you are angry at God for all the suffering that you have endured with your abuser. I know it’s a very hard you feel like your spirit is constantly getting tested and you lose all faith and hope. It’s a dark place to be in. It’s a dark path to take without God by your side. You might feel empty and depressed, but I’m here to tell you that pushing God away is not the answer. You have to take the responsibility for your life and if someone is abusing you in any way, you got to keep your head up high and you got to take action. Don’t blame God, for God has never left your side. You might not feel him because you are to stressed out and worn out. And I blame your abuser for your lost in faith, they are the reason you lost all trust in God, when someone keeps chipping away at your self esteem and chip away at your heart, what’s left of you? You get stuck in a very dark place. Where is the light? Where is the love? You might ask yourself over and over.

Well dear friend, the light is there, you just need to open your eyes again.

Just breathe now… Things don’t have to be this way, you have a choice now, do you want to continue to live in fear to scared to speak your mind? Too scared to get humiliated and insulted, does your partner ever insult your intelligence so much that he does not even know when he is doing it anymore, and does he put the blame on you about about everything, even silly stuff? You have to ask yourself, is this the life you want for yourself? The answer will always be NO!

Wake up! This is not a fairy tale. Your reality can change, but it’s up to you to change it. Don’t be a fool and don’t allow this to happen to you any longer! Woman wake up. Before it is too late, don’t be a victim! Your abuser will never change. I do believe God can change people. don’t get me wrong, but that person needs to see his faults first and needs to see the damage he has caused first. He needs to wake up and remove all his negative attachments and he needs to seek the light first and acknowledge his mistakes and take the responsibility for what he has done wrong. He needs to see your fear and feel it as his own, he needs to first feel your anxiety around him and experience that for himself, so that he knows how he makes you feel. So that he knows you are always walking on eggshells and probably suffering Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) because of him. PTSD is no joke. You get physically ill and suffer bad headaches and other symptoms. Each time that person opens their mouth, they are ready to attack you. So without your abuser feeling what you feel, it’s going to be hard for them to change their behavior because they see no faults. They see themselves as perfect and maybe even think they are better and smarter then everyone else. True narcissists don’t see their faults. So being stuck with someone like this becomes a living hell, a nightmare that doesn’t end.

Wake up now before it’s to late.. Start standing up for yourself, believe in your self and in your intelligence that always gets insulted. Say no more!

Pray and let God help you out this mess and take action. You don’t need this, keep reminding yourself over and over. And most importantly, find your worth and love yourself. You are not the person he makes out you to be by others!
“You were created to have emotional freedom, inner peace, and strong self-esteem. Emotional abuse has undermined God’s plan for your life, your joy, and your peace. But what others have sabotaged, God can rebuild.”

Love and Light,


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