Love Yourself

By Summer: Love yourself with all your heart and find your worth so that no other person will ever make you feel like you’re worthless. Once you find yourself again, your eyes will open to a new reality. Don’t sit around wishing to receive flowers or Valentine’s Day cards, rather celebrate the love within  yourself.


If you feel lost and stuck in life, ask yourself why and who is creating this negative bubble around yourself. Are you in a toxic relationship, but can’t get out? Ask yourself why you think you can’t get out… Mostly, it’s because of  fear of the unknown and you have lost your self-worth along the way. If you hold into your self-worth, you won’t ever feel stuck in a bad relationship. You will set boundaries and walk away from anyone who treats you bad. Nobody likes to get shouted at, nobody likes to get disrespected, nobody wants to feel worthless in the eyes of a partner.

I have been with so many abusive men, I could write books about it, and the main lesson I learned was that… I should have never let go of my worth. They do say history repeats itself, until you learned your lesson. Well, in my case, 3 times, same pattern and all the times my self-worth was taken away from me. It takes a long time to get it back. You need to reset your mind to find yourself again and I promise, you will walk out stronger than before.
Don’t walk in circles with a partner if something is off, it’s off. You really can’t sit there and ignore the red flags. Ask yourself how many red flags have you ignored over the years and why?

The best way to reset yourself is to remove yourself from the situation. Go away for a while, just get away out of the toxic environment so that you can think clearly about your life again without distractions around you. Take a journal along and write every detail about how you feel and how you are coping without the person in your life. Be honest with yourself, look back at everything you’ve been through with that person and process every detail. I can guarantee you, now your eyes will open wide and you will not want to go back to that life, you need to find yourself again. It’s really important or else, you will fall into the trap of attracting the wrong people in your life. Your wounded self does this, and when you love yourself, this can’t happen. So love yourself with all your heart. Love yourself from head to toe, love yourself because God wants you to be happy, God wants you to live a life where you feel good about yourself and not sucked into other people’s drama and negative opinions. When someone keeps putting you down, it creates such a bad negative energy around you and it’s hard to see the beauty in life with people like that around you. So, break free and live a good and happy life again where you know it’s okay to love yourself, where you feel secure and happy within yourself.

It does take a long time to get yourself out off a bad situation. I know,  but start taking care of yourself again and find the strength and courage to remove yourself from situations and people who does not deserve you. There is no growth or personal development in bad relationships, it’s all just a big mess and a dead zone. Why waste your life away with the wrong people? Just say no more, and start over!

Luckily, with age, we become stronger and wiser, and the bad cycle stops eventually once you realize you are losing yourself and when everything seems dark to just remember when God steps in.

Now a lot of people make mistakes after a break up. The jump right into a new bad idea where you should give yourself steady a year or 2 to recover and process the past relationships, or else, you will just lose yourself again.  Rebound is not a good idea, rather spend that time alone by finding yourself and exploring what you like and don’t like. You might hate the idea of feeling lonely, but when you are happy within yourself, you don’t get lonely.

Alone time is bliss. it’s amazing, you should never fear it. Heal your wounds before jumping into anything new. Save yourself the heartache later. It’s more important to get to know yourself better again than to fall into another person’s drama.

If you are an empath, I understand how you feel and think. You can fix people, make them better, but you can’t fix everyone. Not everyone wants to be helped and it’s sad to watch someone lose control of themselves to the point where they just don’t care about anything about themselves. So look after yourself and focus on you again.

2020 is about changing your life around, for the better, so that you can develop further and reach your full potential without anyone holding you back, it’s about a fresh start and finding your inner power so that you can get back on track.

So dear friends, Valentine’s day should not be about receiving flowers and chocolates from another person. Don’t celebrate love day with yourself, It’s okay to spoil yourself and to make yourself feel special. Send yourself flowers, you deserve it!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Love and Light,


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