Finding Love through Star signs

Star Signs… a description of our Characters as a whole due to the time we were born into this world and the alignment of the stars above us. Now how is it possible to truly know such things about a person based on such simple factors is something we will as human beings never truly understand, but it is something we will always feel a knowing without knowing towards, and an undeniable interest in. Now of course there are 12 different character types in this world­ however lets not mix this up with our personalities, as there is not one personality, which is the same. That is over 7 Billion different personality types throughout planet Earth­ now isn’t that something to think about!

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Now whether you are a Water Bearer Aquarius, Leo The Lion. Taurus the Bull, Virgo The Virgin and so on you are unique and special with your own qualities and traits that are the foundations of who you are. Your traits within these star signs can often help to predict the career types you are best suited for, what you love and what you do not like so much, what you are good at and what you are not so good at. Star Signs can help to determine who you will get along with and who you will not based on the character traits within them.

Many Successful Businesses use Star Signs to ultimately choose the right business partners or employees. As by looking at the basic traits of the person within their star sign and then looking upon their own they will know whether or not they will have an easy business relationship with this person. How interesting is that! Often times by using the Knowledge of Star Signs you can determine whether or not you will have success within your business. Now it goes the same way with friendship and Love.

Often Times You may meet someone, who although they may be nice people. You will not quite ‘fit’ with them, or feel as though you are on the same understanding level. Now if you do your research and look into this persons star sign you will find that they are not compatible with you in friendship, and that your character traits are very different and often clash against each other in the world of Zodiacs. Now on the other side of the fence, you will find you will meet someone and really like them right away whether it is as a friend or as a potential lover. You will have an automatic liking towards this person, find that you ‘fit’ with them, that your conversations flow, and that you have a lot in common and plenty to Laugh about. 9 times out of 10, their Star Sign will be compatible with your own.

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Astrology and Star Signs has been dated back to well before the 2nd Millennium BCE. Astrology and Star signs were used in the first Dynasty of Mesopotamia, by the ancient Babylonians, The ancient Chinese, Ancient Egypt, India, and By the Ancient Mayans. References of Astrology and Star signs have also often appeared in Literature to the famous works of poets such as Dante Alighieri or playwrights such as the One and Only William Shakespeare. Star Signs and astrology have been a part of our lives for many thousands of years, Although the exact date of when they first begun has been lost in history we do know that they have helped to guide and lead us to making decisions in Business, friendships, love and in Life in general throughout our history and till present time.

Here’s a handy Star Sign tip for Love­ the next time you find yourself in the early dating stages and are questioning whether or not you feel he will be the one, before continuing and going through with it anyway, stop, take a moment and learn about his Star sign, learn about your own as well, then see whether or not your Character Traits and His will ultimately be compatible together. I say this with many years of experience, seeing the results of people myself, knowing your star sign and who you are most compatible with in Love can truly ensure that you do not spend unnecessary time on the man who will not be ‘the perfect one’ for you and miss out on the chance to meet and be with the one down the track in your life who is for you.

Star Signs are truly under rated, people do not realize the power Star signs can have in your life, by just having a simple understanding of the Zodiac, of your Star sign and of others you can really begin to choose wonderful people who you know will add to your life and not take away. People Who will bring Joy, successful business and relationships, moments of laughter and ongoing happiness, Not people who bring you down and who you do not quite feel right or fit with but you still have them around because you have a big heart. Sometimes in life it’s important to be selfish to a certain level, to really know what you deserve and to not allow anything less than that walk into your energy zone. To accept only those to be a part of your Life that you are compatible with. It helps knowing and Star Signs can give you part of that Knowing.

You will be truly amazed how this really does work, and by learning and gaining some knowledge in Star Signs you can know and therefore be able to choose who you let into your life. After all you only deserve the best in Life, Love and happiness. You owe it to yourself today!

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