The Law of Attraction

Life, we are all part of this one Big circle of Life. As our World continues to spin day by day we continue. Our Universe so Vast so big, so unthinkable to the human mind, a Universe which we are connected to, a part of. A universe which is so Foreign to us, yet familiar in a way we can’t explain. What if there was more to this Life than what meets the Eye? A way we could have, do and be anything we wanted. An unthinkable force of power. Well, that power exists, within and around us, for many thousands of years our ancestors such as the Ancient babylonians from the beginning of time have been accessing this and using this power. I call it ‘The Law of Attraction’.

I have travelled this world, and along my travels have always been astounded by the people I have met. From The great wall of China spending time learning from the Monks in the Mountains, to the hot suns of Africa Learning from the Great Nelson Mandela Himself. There are many things I have learn’t, but the most powerful gift I have discovered outweighs All. It is a Law. Just as Real and powerful as the Law of Gravity It is the Law of Attraction. As the Old saying goes..’Whenever you Think you Can or Think you can’t, either way you are right’.

Much Like the attraction between two people of the opposite sex the Law of Attraction is the true secret to everything we bring into our lives.Similar Objects attract more of the same, so good feelings that we have, attract more good feelings and good things in our lives.Negative feelings will attract more negative feelings and negative occurrences. Very Simply put… Thoughts Become Things.

I View This law as a Magnetic field. If You continually think thoughts of that special thing in life you want as if you have already received it, you are acting as that big Metal Object which is attracting those magnets or ‘the special thing you want and desire’. Just as a Magnet on a Fridge, your Life and the law of attraction works this way, whether we believe it or not it is a continuing force of energy that begins at the day of birth and continues all through our lives. So to learn this Law, to discover its Power and to Master it truly is Mastering One’s Life to the Highest of Potential.

Did You know that some of the worlds most influential people used the law of attraction in their day to day lives. Names You may recognize such as Shakespeare, Sir Isaac Newton ,Plato, Beethoven, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein just to name a few. These people had accessed a Law, a power Most people on this earth never get the chance to even know. And the question I would Like to ask is Why Can’t you too? The answer is. You can. The Truth is the Universe has been answering you all of your life, but you cannot receive these answers Until you are awake. Theres no better time than today.

As I was sitting on a mountain in a hidden pacific Island there was a moment which hit me all of a sudden. A moment of realization. I had mastered the Law of attraction. I could control almost everything that was flowing into my life. As the warm Pacific Sun heated my back, as the cool Ocean breeze flowed over my skin, as I listened to the birds in the sky above, I could feel the energy of the world around me. Then I realized I now understand the One Law of the Universe which creates The Life you Live within. The Happiness, the sadness, the fortune the Misfortune. It was a moment which changed my life. If All people in this world Knew and used this Law, Their view of the world and her possibilities would never be the same.

There is No such thing as a hopeless situation. Every single circumstance in your life can change. Open your eyes, your mind and Your soul. If I can do it, You can to. The Change begins Now.

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