Happiness- The Real Meaning

Now this is a question we all stumble across at some point in our lives. This Topic really has so much meaning to me and to my life, so I have decided to put my thoughts, experiences and knowledge to paper and write to you the truths I know and believe, in hope that they can help you make a conscious decision on whether or not what you have is true happiness.

Now let me start off with a simple question. What is Happiness? Now the answers for ‘Happiness’ are ongoing. These answers of course all depend on you. Happiness is Laughter, Love, Joy, Success, money, travel, The perfect home, family, friends, a beautiful day in the sun with a loved one, a dinner with friends and a good wine. The List truly is ongoing. And yes these things may all bring upon the feeling of happiness indeed. But At some point in our lives these things tend to become, not ‘enough’.

Now I would like to make clear, all things stated above do indeed bring a form of happiness, lets not push that idea aside! But what I would like to focus on is YOU. Your Happiness, How to get that continuous contentment and joy some get to live with everyday, yet others wonder why they are so unfortunate and not happy.

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Through working in various Third World Countries contributing my time to charity, to Living and working in some of the wealthiest cities in the world I have come to understand One Key Aspect of Happiness. And that is,’ True Happiness is Simplicity’.

Now I would like to take you on a trip down my memory lane and tell you of a moment which really glued to my heart. It was a rainy, hot day in the middle of a tropical storm in East Timor, which for those of you who don’t know is an Island, which Lies behind the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean. I went to visit a disability orphanage to spend some time with the children there and help to stimulate them through reading and giving them blow up balls to play with.
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On my arrival These Children had nothing, no running water, one meal a day if they were lucky, no power, no Mums, dads or family to give them love, no medical care and no bed to sleep in but a small mat. Yet what astounded me were The Biggest smiles of joy they had on their little faces, and the absolute positive energy and love I could feel bouncing from them to me. It was truly magical. These Children where some of the happiest people I had met in my many years of life. What did they have to be happy? Nothing. Happiness is Simplicity. They had an overwhelming joy and appreciation for life. An Inner Contentment of the soul so strong, so real, a spiritual connection and understanding of who they are.

This Moment captured me so I decided to study and research happiness. Through travelling, and reading continuous books and articles on happiness for 3 years I came to one definite conclusion. That happiness is Simplicity. To truly live a life of Happiness is to Know and love the person you are, your soul. To be grateful for everything you have, no matter how big or small. To be Content deep within oneself is True happiness. To know you, and to love you.

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Happiness is not physical, it is not something you can buy or touch, it is deep within you, it is energy; it is something so much more powerful. If You feel unhappy or there are times you feel your life is just ‘not giving’ you enough, instead of focusing on making more Money, on getting that new car, or that new relationship- look in the direction of you as that should always be your main focus. YOU. For if you focus on the contentment, and happiness of your soul, or the love and appreciation for yourself, happiness in your everyday life will fall into place.
As spiritually gifted readers, we are here on life reader to give our guidance and advice, to show you the potentials we see within you and to help guide you to the right path which will lead you to your true destiny. No Spiritually gifted person can know everything, nor are they always 100 percent accurate as the life path of every individual on this planet can change based on their own actions, but we will give you the truth you seek for the future we see for you at that exact time. Now if you feel that feeling of unhappiness, of discontentment in your life, of pain in a relationship, firstly I say Ask yourself This, Why am I not happy? Is it them? Or is it me. Do I love the person, the soul that I am?

Often times being in a bad relationship or an unhappy job can help to stop the love between you and yourself, the true appreciation and the understanding of you. What this results in can be unhappiness, now we are here to help guide you to make the right decision for you through spiritual insight so that you have the chance to love yourself, learn who You are and experience the beauty of ongoing inner happiness and contentment, Even if that means giving up the man or woman who you feel so connected to. No Love is worth your happiness. True Love is natural, True Happiness is easy. Real Happiness is Simplicity, It is Deep within you. Capture and live everyday with the joy those children live no matter who and where you are. Live with Real Happiness! “People Look to Time in expectation that it will eventually make them happy, but you can not find true happiness by looking toward the future, only by looking within oneself” Eckhart Tolle.

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