How To Become more Spiritual

To have a spiritual Dimension to our lives is to have greater happiness. Whether you think you are spiritual or think you are not, we all have a certain level of spirituality. Spirituality is a beautiful word, with so much meaning and so much power. Do you ever feel lost? Do you ever feel like you don’t quite know who you are? What your purpose in life is? Do you ever feel like every corner you turn life seems to be letting you down? Why are you so unhappy! Well I can answer that question for you. You need to allow yourself and your life to have more spiritual presence.

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When we are lost in our lives feeling as though we have hit bottoms end, the only real way out to happiness is ourselves, to find spirituality and use it to bring happiness and change. The answer to happiness is so much simpler then so many people could ever imagine, it is so simple yet so many people do not try, and why do they not try? Because they do not believe or have faith within who they are, why don’t they believe or have faith within who they are? because they lack spiritual essence. So the question is how do we become more spiritual?

Now our relationships with those people around us are so very important, and they should always be at the top of our priority lists, however there is one relationship that must be at the very tip of our ‘ Pyramid’ before all others and that is the relationship between you and your higher spiritual belief, whether you call this God, Your divine mind, Krishna, Your inner Chi, Your higher power, the energy of the Universe­ whatever you call this higher spiritual power the true key into being more spiritual is making this bond your number one overall. With this Bond strong, there is no room for questions about who you are, where you are going in life, there is no room for unhappiness. There is only room for growth, love, happiness and continuous belief in yourself.

Now how do I get here? Well you can begin by putting a few moments aside everyday for some ‘Quiet Time’. 10 Minutes if you have it, 15 Minutes if this is possible, or even 30 minutes if you can afford to do so in your busy Lifestyle. No matter how much time you can put aside each minute of your time can really make the difference. Sit down in a quiet peaceful setting away from the noise and Caos of the outside world, Lie down if you wish, close your eyes focus on the energy from within your heart that flows throughout your body, emptying your mind so you are nothing but a hollow being filled with pure energy and no thought. Relax and enjoy this time as best you can with focus on nothing but your energy, and the beauty of your the Life you are breathing in and out of your chest.

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Be Mindful of your surroundings; surround yourself with people who are positive, motivating, spiritually aware and like-minded souls, with people who only bring out the best in you. After all Like attracts Like, You attract source energy to you by being like it. Do not surround yourself with people who have heavy energies, or a negative way about them, they will only ever stunt your progress of moving forward, growing and being happy in life. You deserve so much better. Always be aware of this, you are better off without these people in your life. Incredibly better off.

One of the most powerful things you can do in life is get in contact and connect with nature. This for me personally is the most powerful source of spirituality; a setting that showcases for you the true beauty of nature can be an overwhelming, experience of light and vibrant energy and appreciation.

You get to see, feel, smell with all of your senses the wonders of the creation we live within, doing so naturally connects us and empowers us with a love and a need to be more spiritual. Get out in Nature every day, no matter what this is and surround yourself with the energy of Life that we ourselves are made of.

Practice Yoga. Whether you are a Man or a Woman. Practice Yoga. The word Yoga Transfers to Union. Whilst practicing Yoga you are connecting with the inner energy which is the source of who and what you are, You are united with this energy, this Higher power, whatever you wish to call this beautiful essence of life you are experiencing, feeling and communicating with in a form of meditation, not to mention working your muscles and keeping your physical shape in beautiful health. I recommend the practice of yoga to everyone, as there is no stronger connection to spirituality than this. Its a beautiful practice, and allows you to be more connected with that spirituality in your everyday life.

Practice Mindfulness. Instead of going about your day and going through every duty and task as you usually would, take your time to stay in the present moment as best you can, be mindful of what you are doing and experience everything in the moment, the feelings and the thoughts which flow over you, enjoy these. Be mindful of them, the more mindful we can be in our lives the more connected with who we are, the more connected with who we are the more spiritual we become. The more spiritual we become, the more belief and faith within ourselves we have, the more faith and belief within ourselves, the more contentment, ongoing happiness and love. The More Perfect our lives become.

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