Divine Inheritance

By Meghan: Realization comes forth, not through force, but through flow. When we align with our most sacred vision, everything begins to unfold exactly as planned. All it takes, on the part of the individual, is an open receptivity to allow the muse to enter. In allowing the muse (universal cosmic current of inspiration) to infuse one’s being, one is taken on a journey. Or rather, remembers that they are on a journey with no beginning and no end.

Our unfoldment depends upon how deeply we are willing to trust ourselves and our own innate design. A design which is wholly unique and impossible to duplicate through any means. Every single human being on the planet holds a unique design. Doesn’t this just blow your mind? Billions upon billions of configurations. Not a single one like any other. It’s easy to see from this estimation just how far society has taken us off course, when we are encouraged to embrace uniformity and homogeneity.


But that is not how we were made to be. No, we are fractals of an unfathomable beauty. We contain the whole of creation within us, but it is expressed in a way that only we are able to express it. Through our personal filters, lenses, and essence. Through these mechanisms, we translate the divinity of creation onto the celestial canvas known as Earth. Some see it as this, a canvas. Or you might see it as a stage, a playground, a laboratory, an adventure, an organism. Of course all of these perceptions are correct. But they are different perceptions because of the lens one is looking through. We all have sets of eyes, but it’s what exists behind the eyes within the mind that determines the reality we see. They are the windows to the soul, in that they transport us directly to the inner realms. The inner sanctum of the individual. This is why you can learn so much about somebody by making eye contact, and by going beyond the surface impression. Even the eyes have their own language, their own means of communication, just like the body. Sometimes the eyes convey what words cannot, just like body language is able to do. We speak without words, conveying to the world who we are through other means of expression.

We know when we are being totally authentic to our essence based on the way that we feel. There is no faking it when it comes to the heart and resonance. Your truth either radiates from you or it doesn’t. When you are radiating your own essence, you glow and exhibit a radiance. Others who have not tapped into this effervescent energy within may wonder “what is their secret formula?”. The answer, this formula, is being able to flow alongside design. To do what you are meant to do in this life through following your heart and resonance. When you follow these guiding lights, you can never be led astray. It’s the mind that convinces us to take unnecessary detours, and which overrides the subtle intuition of feeling. In truth, we need the mind, body, emotions, and soul to work together cohesively if we wish to get anywhere on this journey of life. In order to move forward, we have to have all of our aspects moving in unison.
When we travel down the fractal network, uniqueness and individuality remain. Every human being, every planetary body, every galaxy, every facet of our own body, every plant, mineral, animal. There is consciousness, sentience within all of it.

The prime source views it’s creation through all of these different lenses. So in a sense, we are the vehicles for source creation to view itself. Forgetting that we are a part of this source is what makes us feel alienated as humans, as if we don’t belong. When we are unaware of our connections to everything in the web of life, we feel a sense of dismemberment, like a piece is missing. On a large scale, we have forgotten our role within the greater story, and our necessity of participation for the unfolding evolution to occur. Your main purpose here is to evolve and grow. In doing this for yourself, you are fueling a process far greater than your own individual identity of incarnation. Just like every plant requires different ratios of nutrients, climate conditions, habitat, etc. every human also requires different criteria to be met in order to grow. We grow through following our design, our passion, our highest enjoyment, and our resonance. The resonance is the compass that will lead you through the chaos and confusion of the physical plane.

Diversity and variety are what characterize a thriving landscape and ecosystem. We see this within the world and within ourselves. When every person is able to express their essence without fear, this adds to the energetic diversity of Earth. But when the essence is held back, this is akin to an extinction. An extinguishing of quality that would otherwise make this world a far more beautiful place. For the times we are moving into it is a prerequisite to become familiar with your own essence, with your divine inheritance. Cultivated through many lifetimes, know that you have access to all of this NOW.


Love and Light,


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A professional reader for the last decade, She can relate to you on many levels. Highly sensitive and empathic individual with a keen eye for universal symbolism and tarot connections. Her reading style is strong, friendly, and straight forward.

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