Feeling Alone

By Meghan: Societally, most humans are living in a way that is not optimal, in terms of our ability to connect to one another and find a sense of community. Rationed away into four-by-four walls. And inside our own boxes, smaller boxes! We’re lucky to know our neighbors on a first name basis. With this comes a sense of isolation, of living in a world that is smaller than it truly is.

Of course, this sense comes from our own perception and way of being in our environment. And most of these perceptions and ways of being have been handed down to us. World events over the past couple years have brought us into an even deeper isolation. In myself I feel this need to reconnect with the world. And I have a desire to see other people connecting in new ways. To break out of this patterning of living as if separate. At times, there is a sense of loneliness. I can feel it not just within myself, but within the greater whole.


At the core, this feeling of loneliness relies on the premise of separateness. Separation itself is an illusion. As everything in the web of life is connected. Through an invisible web. We may not see these connections, but in special moments we are able to sense this web. When you feel alone, it’s usually not enough to remind yourself that everything is connected. Although this reminder may put you in a different frame of mind, the real shift happens when you are able to feel this truth. As with anything in life, knowledge is one level and visceral experience is the level above.

One thing we can do to condition our body to be able to feel this sense of oneness is through activating memories. When we pull up memories, we temporarily transport ourselves to another time. Going through memories of kindness, of joy, of connection with others, put into perspective how many moments of connection that have been had. It brings up a sense of gratitude. And how is it that we can feel this connection through a memory? Because everything is woven together. And time is not a factor that prevents us from connecting once again.

When you remember all of the times you have felt the opposite of lonely, then those feelings begin to become dominant, and you can then be alone without the feeling of separateness. Because even within your four walls, the whole world is within you. And you are a part of it. Every human, and all the kingdoms of nature. Think about all of the animals you have had the honor of petting or observing. Think about all of the tree’s that have given you shade. These are living beings as well, who have love for you.
In addition, it’s important to keep in mind that we all have different needs and requirements for socialization. Sometimes even being in the presence of other people, sitting in a coffee shop or going on a walk through the park, can be comforting.

Through being alone, opportunities arise as well. Solitude has long been a method for coming into deeper connection with one’s self. A means of reflecting away from external energies and distractions. So another facet of feeling alone could come from not being able to enjoy one’s own company, an avoidance of looking deeper within. This is why solitude can be uncomfortable for so many.

I thought it appropriate to share some of these thoughts, as we are in interesting times. With every challenge we face, there is a solution hiding in plain sight. And depending on your unique situation, the solution could be different than someone else’s.


Above all, remember you are never truly alone.

Love and Light,


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