A Shamanic Easter

By Liz: Easter is symbolically a time of renewal. In the northern hemisphere, it coincides with spring, new growth, births, and with this regeneration of life it represents a hope for the future. In the southern hemisphere, Easter coincides with autumn, a time when plants and animals have grown fallow, or fat, having prepared for an uncertain future.

But, whether or not you live in the north or the south, or nearer the equator, the common aspects that represent the observance of Easter, in old days and new, are preparation, renewal (either via birth and regeneration or rest and recuperation having prepared) and hope for the future.

So how can you use this powerful time to seek messages from your higher self, your guides, animal totems and angels. We all communicate with spirit, knowingly or not, but most dismiss the subtle messages due to the frantic pace that is everyday life.


This exercise that I am about to suggest is good for all ages and will be especially powerful for you if you treat your day for what it is, a spirit quest; instead of chocolate eggs, it’s an exercise seeking the gifts and messages spirit will offer you.

Start your day with a cleansing session (smudge or shower while calling in white light). Follow this with a short meditation to balance your chakras, and to set an intent.

Set your intent by making a statement, such as:

“On this day I will be more observant for signs and messages from my higher self, my guides, and angels from the light. As I am more aware, I ask that my guides, angels, and totem animals introduce themselves to me. I ask for and will look for signs, and messages in whatever form they may come, from the light, and harm none. As I set my intent and request for guidance, so it is.”

Then go about your day. Take a walk out in nature. The beach, a park. Collect any natural trinkets that pop out at you, such as a pretty rock or a feather. These may mean something to you either at that moment or later as you contemplate your day.

Do any animals pay you any particular attention? Each kind of animal carries a spiritual meaning and message. Look it up when you get home. Are there any news headlines, snippets of conversations, lines out of a book that catch your attention? Make note of them and consider how they may fit into the day’s theme, because spirit is notorious for leaving little snippets of information to help you on your way, but it is up to you to act, to put it all together like a jigsaw and see the whole picture.

Because that is the quest, to be part of the journey, and in your search, to find out your needs, what you need to do and how to let your spirit, your higher self, tune in to the subtle clues and help you to live with a higher purpose.

Of course, your guides will help you with day to day living too if you ask, though it is you who must recognize the gifts you are given and follow through.


Love and Light,


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