A Healthy State Of Mind

By Brenda: It is so easy to be negative about things in our lives. Just like it is easier to roll downhill than climb up! But is this really healthy for us? And how does it affect our personal relationships?  Negative thoughts bring negative energy and this aura of negativity can sometimes go very deep. And like a deep well it can take you and your dreams and aspirations down with it.

Nurturing a positive outlook when things look bleak can be a huge challenge, but if you take it small steps at a time you can change your life for the better. Our mind is the most powerful thing we possess and even physical healing can be helped by a positive outlook.  


Many times as a psychic I am asked the question “When will I be happy?”. Happiness itself is not a constant state of mind, however emphasizing the positive in your life will create your own personal happiness. It will also allow you to see things as a cause and effect so that no one person or situation can have the power over your happiness. A healthy state of mind occurs when we let go of the things and people that bring us down, create chaos and malignant negativity. Achieving balance in our personal and professional lives is not easy, but can be created by giving thanks for the good things life has brought your way.

Stepping back and giving yourself perspective on those things that do not serve your higher good is also a powerful tool towards achieving a healthy state of mind. This includes relationships that are unequal, emotionally unavailable and are not built on mutual respect or trust, work situations that are manipulative and demeaning  and full of cannibalistic office politics.  

So what are some of the ways that you can begin to create your healthy state of mind? Get out of the mental and emotional rut you have been in?

Take time to give thanks:  We live in a busy world. Taking a moment to yourself to give thanks to the positive things in your world takes only a few seconds. A pause in your routine to mentally affirm what you have been gifted with. A simple “I am grateful for my health, or I am grateful for a loving family”.. etc. over your morning coffee or tea will start the day’s energy out in a positive way.

Let go of negative situations and people:  Letting go can be a challenge, especially if you have been emotionally mired in a situation for a long time. In that case, letting go takes baby steps. It begins with mentally cutting the cords that bind you to a negative situation. These cords are many times built on guilt and control issues. “If I stick it out I will eventually gain control of the situation”, “If I let he or she go I will lose control of the relationship” or “If I let go of this situation I will be alone”. 

Start by taking back your personal power! When a negative person behaves in a way that has previously created a reaction let it go and do not allow them to get to you. If their behavior no longer matters to you, eventually they will find a new victim. Taking back your personal power can change the energy in a love relationship that has gone sour, making your partner see the relationship and you with new eyes and with new respect. 

Practice positive thinking:  Negative thoughts can erode your healthy state of mind. They are like dark clouds that billow out and hover over the top of you. When you feel one of these dark clouds coming your way, visualize it disappearing, dissolving into thin air and being replaced by the sunshine of a positive thought. Thoughts and words are actions! Take that dark cloud of a thought and replace it with a positive one. Practice this every day, pushing away the negative and bringing in the positive like feeling the sunshine on your face after a cold and stormy day. This may start by taking minutes out of your day and eventually become a habit that will last the whole day through. These important steps of emphasizing the positive and de-emphasizing the negative  will put you on the road to a Healthy State of Mind.


Love and Light,


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