Changing Your Course During Mercury Retrograde

By Brenda: The mere mention of the planet Mercury going retrograde is enough to send a person running to hide until Mercury goes direct. But is that really necessary? Understanding what a retrograde really means will go a long way in giving you tools to ward off the evil retrograde and actually flourish instead of floundering. When Mercury, the planet of communication, creativity and all things on the mental plane goes retrograde it appears to go backwards instead of forwards in its orbit. 

This occurs several times a year because it takes only 88 days for Mercury to circle the sun as opposed to the earth’s 365 days. When the planet Mercury does its back flip, it affects everyone and everything on earth even if the people are unaware of such things as retrogrades. Those not knowing what shenanigans that Mercury is up to, just think they are having a run of bad luck. Because the planet Mercury rules all communication issues when it goes retrograde or backwards it affects all areas of communication: Personal relationships, contracts, computer glitches and all business transactions.


So how could you possibly find a light at the end of this dark mercurial tunnel? Make lemonade from the sour lemons of chaos? The answer lies in stepping back. When Mercury goes retrograde, roll with it and understand that this is not a time to make serious decisions especially when it comes to breaking up with a partner. Ending a relationship is highly emotional and during Mercury Retrograde communication between you and your partner can be full of misunderstandings and some of them built on confusion for no apparent reason. If you have to deal with contracts and paperwork check them over profusely then check them again three times. Details, details, details. 

Travel plans and schedules most always will go south if you don’t check them and confirm the details over and over again even up to the day before.

Emails and tests have a way of getting lost in the ether! Check your spam folder!

Use this time to communicate with those people in your life that you have been thinking about but have not reached out to yet. Make sure you think before you speak! Don’t expect new love connections to run smoothly Mercury Retrograde is full of ghosting and changes of heart.

Make this a time of contemplation instead of action by taking stock of what you have already accomplished and to finish those projects that you have started. Tell yourself it is okay to slow down for a little while. Listen to what others have to say instead of talking over them especially loved ones and the elderly that need extra patience. 

Connecting with nature is especially helpful. The regenerative energy of the earth can bring balance to your life and give you perspective on what is happening around you during the retrograde. Remember at this time things might not be what they seem and most often need another look at when the planet goes direct. Most of all don’t panic! Surrender to the things you cannot control and keep your focus on what’s ahead of you in the long run. Laying the blame game on a Mercury Retrograde does not help you thrive through a planetary adversary either. Tell yourself that this may not be the ideal time to accomplish a goal but you can take baby steps and be prepared for when the energy changes for the better. That there are many factors that contribute to our happiness on this earth and planetary influences are but one part of those factors. Learn to work with the planetary energies to benefit your life instead of fearing them for fear has the power to hold back all things in life much more than a mere Mercury Retrograde.


Love and Light,


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