Flower Power

By Brenda: For thousands of years, Flowers have held special, esoteric and even magical powers. Their vibrant colors, lush petals and rapturous fragrances bring light and love into our lives. Flowers given as thoughtful gifts create special vibrations and energies for the occasion.

Flowers that are used to create oils and aromatherapy that are used in healing and magical purposes. The ancient origins of Perfume came out of Egypt, the perfume capital of the ancient world. Perfumes were worn to seduce and to create special auras around the wearer. Aromatherapy oils made from flowers are considered living oils that retain the energy of the living plant. Flowers and their special unique energies can be used fresh, dried and in the form of oils or perfume. Some of the most powerful ones are:


Roses: The first roses originated in ancient Persia and were most likely only a deep red in color. Since then roses have been crossbred into many beautiful vibrant colors. Red Roses were thought to be sprung from the blood of Adonis but were later associated with Aphrodite the goddess of love. Rose petals were floated in goblets of red wine in ancient Rome. Red Roses signify passionate love and attraction. Dried red rose petals can be used as love sachets, rose oil can be used to anoint a red candle to attract love. Red Roses given in a bouquet convey a message of attraction, love and companionship. Yellow Roses are for friendship and communication, White roses for purity and innocence.

Marigold: Marigolds signify health and Happiness, success and being able to connect with the super consciousness. Marigold petals are sprinkled around the base of a green candle and used to bring money and prosperity into the household. Planted in the garden marigolds protect other plants from harmful insects. Given as a gift Marigolds bring success to the recipient.

Carnations: One of the oldest pure flowers on earth, Carnations date back to the Roman times. They represent luck, love and innocence. Light red Carnations signify love, dark red a deeper love and affection. Pink carnations are given to express gratitude and are the official flower of Mother’s Day. Dried Carnation petals can be used in a sachet or poppet and carried to attract luck.

Hyacinths: Born from the legend of Apollo and Hyacinthus Apollo was said to have accidentally killed him while playing. As he wept over the body a flower sprouted from the ground in which died. him and accidentally killed him. Hyacinths represent royalty and spirituality and are often given to express respect and gratitude. Hyacinth oil is used to send out affirmations and intentions towards a specific goal.

Orchids: This ancient flower was revered by the Aztecs, vanilla orchids were mixed with chocolate to promote courage and strength. Green Orchids given as gifts are to bring good health. White and pink Orchids bring good fortune. Orchid oil can be used to anoint a white candle for a special wish.

Daffodils: Ruled by the planet Venus, Daffodils are a symbol for love, especially new love. Young love and blooming affection. The first flower of spring brings a joyful bright energy to new love. Daffodils can be dried and carried in sachets for good luck and to bring the object of your affections into your energy and create opportunity.

Lily: This symbol of upper Egypt is associated with the goddess Ishtar. Ishtar was a creation goddess and represented fertility of the land and all living things. Lilies are found in the Tarot in the Magician card, and the Temperance card representing purity of thought and actions, rebirth and new love relationships. Lilies given in a bouquet also symbolize sympathy for those who have passed. Lily oil is used for attraction and to bring peace to a situation.

Poppies: These beautiful mysterious flowers are often misunderstood. Ruled by the Greek god of sleep Hypnos the poppy symbolizes dreaming, psychic dreams and precognition. Red poppies are for pleasure, white poppies for imagination and yellow are used for success. Poppy seeds are used in oil preparations to bring psychic visions. Poppy seeds are also used to make a powerful incense to attract love. Poppy oil when used with a red candle can persuade a lover to call.


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