22 Paths Through Christmas

By Kerstin: A lighthearted way to look at how to deal with this time of year!

Remember what it was like to be a child and be in the moment? Use this time to allow anything to happen without judgement. Play. But not with your kids toys (yet). 

Make the most of your cooking skills or learn new ones. (Maybe learn new ones). Or get crafty. Or try, then you don’t have to feel guilty for buying decorations because your homemade décor is not usable.

Read. Learn the secrets to a subject you’ve been pondering about for ages. Get deep. Dive in. Ignore all else, without guilt.

Feed the hungry. Anything you can share is of value. Leave food at the local food bank perhaps.


Set some house rules before the shenanigans start. Now.

This is the time to go deep with spiritual questions. Why is the universe the way it is? Ponder.

Choices sometimes seem easier when you’re not pouring over decisions directly. Christmas has a way of showing us what’s important. All else follows.

Make that New Year’s resolution stick by assessing whether it’s something you really feel you want in the first place. Not for anyone else, but yourself. Not compared with a perception. Just, “I can’t see myself not doing this”.

Say no to the extra helping of pudding. Then subdue the beast by washing the dishes and cleaning up. Once everything’s put in order, it’s Double Guilt Demerit Points and too visible to go there…

Take a walk away from the party. Alone in the stillness. Or switch off Zoom video (and don’t forget the audio!).

Evolve how you do something. Update your equipment, or streamline how you approach planning. Take the frustration out of how something functions. 

You will get the gifts you deserve. Accept them. Wholeheartedly. No takey-backy. Get creative with them instead, and have fun.

Sacrifice your will to the family’s collective goal. Just for 3 days. It’s easier that way, and you look like a saint.

Remember last year when you vowed you wouldn’t “do that again” this year? You will. Just get over it faster. Preferably in advance.

Wine or beer is subjective. It’s not the alcohol that’s important. It’s remembering to let things flow… and then forget the details but keep the experience. 

You will be tempted to (insert vice). You just will. Be forewarned. Breathe deeply (mask on). 

If the table falls over with a meal on it that took 16 hours to prepare, who cares? As long as you’re not under it already. Order in, or get creative with rice.

It’s ok to wish for something different. But realize it’s our environment that is the only thing in this cold universe that can supply resources right now for anything you just wish for on a personal level. 

Christmas can be a beautiful idea that works on a subconscious level. Whatever it’s source. 

Bask in fun. Enjoy the day thoroughly. You are immune to tears and shouting today. Rise above. Rise above!

Music. Some, at least, must be a part of this. Even over Zoom. 

Christmas unites people. But all religions aside, celebrating this planet unites all people.


Love and Light,


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