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About Kerstin

Welcome! Sometimes we just need to see things from a new perspective...

Have you been looking for someone to help you see the dynamics of your relationships, love, family, home, or career issues? Someone to explore your hopes for the future with? I am an experienced reader and personal coach, using tarot, runes, and oracle cards to help you reflect on your situation. Let's explore what's likely to happen, and how to approach it … 

My reading sessions are an artform that can make space for you to understand your circumstances and relationships from a different perspective through visual story and intuition, revealing what's happening, and reminding you of details filtered out during a busy life that might warrant reconsideration. They can also connect you to new ideas, and open a path for you to grow your current aspirations.

Cards are a great tool for reframing situations we find ourselves in and accessing the unconscious, helping us understand the influences and nuances of our lives. I'm here to reflect possibilities back to you, while we discover what's important to you to focus on. We're all human, and sometimes hold beliefs about people or situations that may not hold up when looking at things from different angles, and a reading will often allow us to gain clarity from this. Or sometimes we've lost connection with something we can believe in, in which case I can help you connect to what may bring fulfilment now. The cards can be a profound source of insight and inspiration. On a deeper level, we can shift patterns that no longer serve you, and make room for something greater. 

Join me for insight through the cards, whether your questions are big-picture, spiritual, or everyday concerns that you want perspective on. Nothing is too big or small. I hope to provide clarity, so you can move forward with a fresh understanding of your goals.

My Experience

Tarot, Lenormand, Runes, Oracle Cards.
Certificate in Tarot Coaching.

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