Tarot Reflections for April and May

By Kerstin: Rather than being predictive, the following is intended as abstract ideas to intuit and reason out your own path through…

One Way I Represent Myself to the World:

The Hermit – finds what matters. The hermit is not so much wanting to go it alone as needing to limit distractions in order to observe and come to focus on what’s really important. This is the archetype of the inner light, and of noticing quality rather than quantity. One way to show yourself to the world is to lead by not leading. And not following. The Hermit is a lived-in essence, communicated by simply being unruffled by fluff, yet flexible to keep moving with life. The Hermit is not swayed by being sold to. He creates lasting results that need no words but are instead examples. The best of what is done (and not done) is not bought but is unearthed, found by others who are learning in their own way too. 

What I Could Take More Notice of:


Queen of Cups – looks into the emotional depths of relationships. She is a mature feminine essence, whether a part of you or someone close. A nurturer: feeling, forgiving, understanding, and connecting. Taking note of her could mean being more compassionate, or at least not denying an intuitive idea. Sometimes we push aside that which we need to feel into to sense truth, in favor of a belief. This card may also wash up when you’ve attached too much to emotion. Maybe you’ve neglected this part of you for a while, or else overindulged.

Where I Could Draw Strength from:

7 of Cups – is having a tough time deciding. It actually may not feel like it’s a tough time, and things might just seem giddy or oddly multi-faceted instead. And this card, which sometimes refers to a moment of confusion before clarity too, is an interesting one to see in light of drawing strength. What I’m reminded of here is that only one choice you have in front of you is the right door for this point in time. You might not recognize it, but you’ll likely recognize what’s not good for you in the long run, and rule those out. Strength may come from doing something practical, now, and looking after yourself wholeheartedly. 

How I Could Integrate Things into my Life:

Knight of Cups – moves forward with an offer. The Knight is a person or that personal aspect who wants to charm and expects responses in relationships. If that’s you, the challenge is to not try too hard to impress people, but instead try offering something to be enjoyed for the sake of it. Sharing and caring but making it based on what you actually want to give. This doesn’t have to be about personal relationships but can apply to passion for the job too. 

What Ideas I Could Reset:

9 of Cups – is beaming contentment. Beautiful bliss. This card is the ‘wish card’ and getting reminded to reset this sometimes could mean making adjustments to what we expect, making sure we’re still fulfilling our hearts. Sometimes we forget to reset a goal that’s no longer possible, as either we’ve matured past it or our environment no longer supports it. Ask yourself if this is a good thing, and means being more aware of how to access what you want and actually can have. Finding new people and experiences you surround yourself with could be satisfying in itself. 

Love and Light,




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