When The Festive Season Is Challenging

By Sarah: The countdown to the Festive Season from December the 15th is meant to be a time of great joy, family bonding, togetherness, lots of food and present buying, drinking and a time to be merry.

However this year – 2020 – has been cruel and harsh to many and the  Festive Season has become a season of dread for many. COVID came forth in the first quarter of the year and many businesses went under and people lost their jobs. Pupils were tutored online and then returned to schools with social distancing in place and mask wearing becoming  official. Our children have been through a tough time this year.

Additionally, many have lost loved ones this year, and are dreading facing the Festive Season without the one they love in their lives to celebrate with. Parents are in a panic about how they are going to spoil their children with presents when they haven’t even got enough money to pay the rent or mortgage. Couples forced into Lockdown, have been fighting and love affairs broke up leaving tender broken hearts and many unanswered questions. These shocked and sad lovers are also fearing the onset of the Festive Season without their significant other by their side.


So how does one get through the 2020 Festive Season without feeling terrified, fragile. emotional and weak? Here are a few pointers to set you on the right track.

The usual western tradition of Santa Clause, Reindeer, Christmas Trees, Roast Turkey and potatoes, a huge family gathering – all of this has changed for Christmas 2020. This year there will be a sense of Holiness  as so many of us will only be coping through our prayers. Children and parents are being taught that the true spirit of the season is not about a brightly wrapped expensive present that portrays our love for another. This year it will be gifts from the heart.

If you do not have money to buy presents for everyone like you usually would, have a look around your home and see what it is that you could gift as a present to someone else, and in this way you will create vacuums in your life which will then be filled  by the Universe. These could be token ornaments, a frame from a charity shop with a favorite photograph, something that you have drawn or sewn. If you have children that you cannot afford to buy presents for and this is really making you feel sad and worried, humble yourself to let more wealthier friends and family know how you are worrying. You would be amazed at the generosity offered by other people that will come forward to ensure that your children have a Christmas that they can remember and enjoy positively. If you can settle into this new arrangement with friends and family for 2020 you will find that these ideas of a holy and humble Festive Season will resonate comfortably with your soul.

If you have loved ones that you have lost during 2020, the Festive Season will be a time of mourning have no doubt. These are just the milestones and anniversaries that are a natural progression of the grief process. This is the journey we take when we lose someone we love and you are not alone. Make the atmosphere leading up to Xmas nostalgic and spiritual. Have your loved ones photograph printed out and placed in a frame on a mantel piece or table and find some gorgeous candles that you can light in the evenings. A few crystals would also be wonderful and would create a beautiful energy around the picture. Don’t be surprised if the candle light flickers as your loved ones will be around you during this time. If you are lucky enough to afford a Christmas lunch then make sure that you have an empty chair at the table and a candle for your loved one. This will ease the burden of having to try and keep up a happy face when the actual day is tearing you up with grief – simply by honoring your loved ones presence.

If you are a couple that has exploded apart, use the time from the 15th to turn inwards and to work out what it is that you truly want out of life going forward. Think about what has happened, about the fights and arguments you had with the person you loved. Work out if you still love them and where you hope to see the relationship going. If your estranged partner is being aggressive and defensive whilst you are apart , just go silent and turn inwards. Believe me, when Christmas Day and New Year arrives they are going to become very nostalgic and they will also be doing some serious thinking and soul searching. This is a time for you to really think about what you are really wanting out of a relationship so that you can enter 2021 with new and refreshed energy.

So throw off the old expectations of what the Festive Season is all about. Many families around the world will not be celebrating together due to the threat of catching COVID, so make the most of the time that you have with the people that you will be with this season. Everything is happening for a reason and rather than fight the situations we find ourselves in, use this time to embrace the new person that you are becoming.

I will be available all through the Festive Season to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel no matter what difficult situation you may be facing. 21st December is the day we arrive in the Age of Aquarius – a time of huge change and adjustment.  Do not be surprised if your life starts to shift in the direction that you wish to face.

As I close off the year with this article, here are some key pointers for you to contemplate and perhaps adopt into your life to ensure 2021 is successful, healing and beneficial to you and your soul’s growth.

• I am responsible for myself, and I’m in control of my life. I can’t determine the circumstances, but I can determine my attitude toward them.

• It’s alright for me to take risks and it doesn’t matter if I fail – I can learn from every mistake I make. It’s okay for me to be successful.

• Life is pleasurable and full. It’s alright for me to relax and enjoy myself. Life is an adventure in which I’m learning to accept both the ups and the downs.

• I’m a unique and valuable individual. My needs and my feelings are just as important as anyone else.

For me this year, more than ever before, it’s more important whose around your tree rather than what’s under it


With much Love and Light,


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