What Are You Manifesting?

By Anastasia: What if I told you that you can manifest anything. Seriously, you most likely can if you are in alignment with the purpose that you came to this earth to fulfill. 

There is great joy in coming alongside you to help you with your dreams and visions for your life. Some of us are new to manifesting parts of our life and others are incredibly seasoned at this gift  and skill. I want to be clear. You are a very powerful being. Your very existence calls you to  manifest. 

Have you ever wondered how you paid the rent, bought food and then was able to have a bit leftover to put away for a rainy day? That’s right, you manifested all of that! It’s pretty simple when you look at those terms… The simplicity of manifestation starts with core things. Being able to take care of yourself first so you can create abundance and help others. This is really the golden rule now isn’t it? So how do I manifest love you might ask! That’s  another matter altogether. 


Love is manifest through loving yourself first and being what you want to attract. If you are  partying all the time and living an unconscious life then this is the type of partner you will  attract. If you are going to dance lessons or outdoor hiking meetups chances are you will meet a  person of like mind. So wherever you are in your own “loving yourself” human  development this will be a quick look into what you possibly attract. Many years ago. I had to  let go of a very sad set of relationship circumstances and needed to leave that group of people to their own paths for I was being called to move forward. 

The hardest thing to do but the pay off in  the end created a new life of self love and awareness that brought me to one of the greatest loves I have ever known. I did not sit and wait for love to come to me. I became what I was  looking for. I taught this to my students and still do to this day… 

Many success stories have sprung up from this practice of loving yourself first and staying in the center so that healthy  relationships can hold their place in love and light. We are human, we are not perfect, we are  fragile, we have to give to get and learn to receive and respect. You must respect yourself or  how do you expect another person will? 

Manifesting money is a process. You must have a very focused mind and know that you will do  good with the money and allow yourself to enjoy the rewards abundance can bring. I was told at an early age, “money is not good unless it’s shared”. So when you get some funds share some… spread it around… Keep the biggest chunk for yourself and save some for when you really need it. It’s all about circulating your wealth. If you are not interested in money as a currency then  give of your time and your knowledge. That can be invaluable to so many of us you may surprise yourself! Trades are great too!

 I look forward to meeting you! 

Here’s to manifesting your dreams…


Love, Light and Blessings, 


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