Using A Labyrinth to Stay Grounded In Love & Light

By Aleece: Our world has experienced changes as people make choices to speak up. This energy affects us whether we are aware of it or not. Peaceful protests bring change of mind and sometimes policies. Just as a sunny day with a slight breeze can lift your spirit, so can people chanting in the streets create an atmosphere that demands attention, even when it is not your streets, but something you have seen taking place somewhere on the planet. How do we stand in the midst of change? The waves of change energize the force field in our current environment. This is present whether we are aware of it or not. We can sense the energy that people put off by their actions. Imagine walking into a room right after an argument or kissing. You feel the energy.

Now imagine big moving changes that affect whole communities? How do we literally stand in the midst of unrest and angst? How do we adjust to unwanted changes, show up in love and help others transition in change? Well personally, I find a moving meditation helps center me. While fellow citizens were voting, I walked at a local labyrinth to do my part of contributing to light and love. I had already cast my ballot vote. Now I chose to unwind the tension around the area and radiate light.


We all have the power of choice of what we will do with our angst in the midst of uncertainty. I find a walking meditation is a powerful choice in times where there is collective tense energy. Taking 15 minutes of purposeful intent of unwinding, and moving into peace within, and bringing the truth of love out: centering yourself allows accessing the better version of yourself to bring forward. This is possible. Making choices regardless of what is happening around us.

There are many forms of moving meditation, qigong is one I had been using, but my latest one is walking a labyrinth, or prayer circle. I find moving my body, when it is worked up by accumulated collective energies, relaxing. It is comforting also to connect through something that has been done by those that lived before us. This practice may be new to me, but it isn’t new. Labyrinths are a tool from ancient times. No one knows for certain when or where they first originated. They have been used by different cultures in various religious traditions worldwide. I am grateful for those who have kept the somewhat mystical ancient pattern for us to discover. Ancestors walked a prayer circle during their chaotic times; an ancient tool to “unwind the mind,” available for us today to process the excess energies around us, feel the feeling, and let go of stress.

I ride my bike to a public labyrinth in town. It is outside with beautiful trees planted around it and a peace pole put intentionally in place nearby. It has guidelines for how to benefit from walking the prayer circle. You may have one around you as well and never knew it. You can search online to see if there is one nearby you.

When you look for a labyrinth, you will find a geometrical circle with one way in and one way out of a continuous path that leads to the center. The purpose of the twists and turns are to free up the right side of the brain that is always analyzing. This guided path is a tool to assist the consciousness into relaxing. There is no need to figure out which way to go. The winding path eventually comes to the center. It is not a maze and there are no dead ends. There is nothing to track as you walk or trace a labyrinth. You simply follow the path to the center. It can serve to ground you into the present moment, allowing you time and space to feel big feelings, sit with them, and then release them. Time going in can be for identifying your need, and time within can be for feeling, for insight, and as you move back out from the center you can release your burden and focus on gratitude.

The labyrinth I walked was made of paved bricks organized according to physics, so that a marvelous delight awaits when you get to the center; sound reverberates, making it an amazing place to hum “OM” out loud. My husband and I united in the center and joined our voices for magical harmony. Using our power of intention together, we imagined the joined forces of light shine brighter for peace and resilience. It felt a bit like laughing, where stress falls away.

We have seen a few outdoor labyrinths with the same pattern design of the one at the Chartres Cathedral in France. Imagine following an tested and tried pathway from 1214? Though there are those who say it may go further back in time to Egypt, Crete, or beyond. The pattern that has been copied is a pathway of almost 40 feet across and ⅓ mile long. An intentional place to pace, releasing any kind of tension, old patterned energy, worries, fears, and burdens. It is possible that this practice of unkinking those energies within and about us, allows an alignment to happen. Things may shift or straighten into a greater spiritual alignment as you release and move through what has accumulated around and inside of you. Alignment could even come into your body. I personally step lightly up on my toes like a dancer, as I come out, after entering with heavy steps, maybe even some stomps. I feel the difference in my body.

So consider a moving meditation in times when sitting still is too challenging. Walking a labyrinth is something you do with your body. It grounds you. A place to focus on the big stuff rather than escape it. This allows releasing the tension, and finding clarity. When you begin, you may find your mind busy trying to anticipate how much further, wondering when you will reach the center? You may wonder if you’re doing it right. Keep tracing the path, doing the moving meditation will help settle your angst. Set intention to unwind, letting it go when you reach the center. You can come seeking rather than needing to release. You could ask what is for your highest good. You might set the intention to receive inspiration, or to receive an answer to a question, or a solution to a “problem.” I have done a variety of intentions, and as I walk out, I focus on gratitude; it has been very liberating and uplifting.

If you don’t have access to a prayer circle near you. I found tracing with your finger, a mini version of moving meditation is an option. And it can be private and available to you whenever you need it. (Click here to print and trace a Paper Labyrinth.)

Bottomline: You do not walk alone in this moment in history. We are connected as a global family by the energy and choices we make. We drink the same water that has been on the planet for eons and we can walk the same paths of peace ancestors have. I hold space for you here as a fellow traveler and guide. Let us move with the power of choice to stay centered in love, rooted in resilience, and planted in peace.


Love and Light,


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