The Seven Year Cycles

By Gertrude: One of the most synchronistic events for me has always been the Seven-year cycles. 

Two are evolving for me right now. One is an event with a DNA soul mate. My 14-year-old Pug Olli. She is a Dame. The other is with humanity, from the years 2021 to the end of 2027. It is also our entry into The Age of The Great Conjunction. Where we bring things into alignment.

Do you have seven-year cycles too? Sometimes they might not seem obvious. Some hit us in the face like a wet fish. Mathematics, Music and Mother Nature combine to create the healing arts. 

As a psychologist and holistic counselor, one of my methods of healing is through psychic and spiritual healing. It is time to reimagine and rethink how we interact with each other, especially ourselves and the galaxy we are infinitely connected to.1gertrude7

For many of us, we also connect with the DNA of passed over loved ones through numbers. This is where you will see repetitive numbers. 11:11. Consistently seeing the same time or set of numbers. It is also interesting that most people feel an affinity with the number 11. It is the most commonly said number when I am doing a predictive or mediumship reading.

Now is the time to look at where you are on your life cycle of seven. As the Jesuits thought “Give me a child until s/he is 7 and I will show you the WoMan.”

Because we have moved into The Era of the Great Conjunction it will have a different meaning for each of us depending on our personal seven-year phase. 

For those of you who are in the years’ Twenty One to Twenty Eight, this year is about self-support and objectivity. It is also a time where it is important to break any illusions you may have. That is not to say that dreams and desires are not important. It is however when we look at life’s reality. 

Years Twenty Eight to Thirty-Five is also the Age of Discovery. This is where you find your purpose for the attainment of life’s achievement. In 2021 you are being asked to exercise your free will. A time for creation.

From the age of Thirty-Five to Forty Two this is the age of Reevaluation. Where the fruits of your labors are harvested. In 2021 you will be asked to analyze to be resilient not bitter. 

When we transition from Forty Two to Forty-Nine, this is known as the Age of Power. Where you lose or gain interest in the world. For 2021 It is a time for temptation. Also, a time to begin important change. 

When we are in the year’s Forty-Nine to Fifty Six this is the age of Reconciliation. This is time for a new order. Where we make the adjustments we need based on our hindsight. 2021 is the year to sort out any problems or issues that you are conflicted by. 

From the age of Fifty Six through until the age of Sixty Three is the Age of Metamorphosis. Where we finally adapt. In 2021 this presents as a phase of acceptance. However dogmatic in a situation you have been in the past this is a time of review. 

The Age of Grace goes from ages Sixty Three through until the age of Seventy. A time of reflection. In 2021 this is a year you will feel less attached and more in your own energies.

For the sake of the article, I will only go to the next phase from age Seventy to Seventy Seven.

This period I refer to as the Age of Truth, This is the most inquisitive and a time of great exploration. For 2021 it is almost a time to let your hair down. To indulge in those things you were unable to in the past. This is done with wisdom and hindsight. 

It is often helpful when we are going through a situation in our life to also look at the outside or humanity around you. Especially in the realm of seven-year cycles. We know through science that we regenerate the cells of our bodies in this phase. 

However, we forget to apply that to all the dimensions of our lives, especially the emotional, spiritual and soulful areas. Taking a holistic approach to our problems or our interests, our path forward, we have greater insight and ability to take all that is going on around us into consideration. 

With the number Seven, it’s meaning is that you are also being asked to take care of the details. Mathematics, Music and Mother Nature combine to create the healing arts. This is why numbers are very important.

The number Seven also brings movement towards your goals. It represents that self-belief and assertiveness are important. A staple life tool needed to propel you forward to better outcomes. 


Love and Light,


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