The Kindness Practice

By Anastasia: What you put out can come back to haunt you or heal you. You have to make the choice. No one wants to get hurt, but when one is not acting out of their integrity or the highest good for all concerned, then the forces of doubt, manipulation and fear can take hold in a very UNKIND way!

When you realize you are in the middle of an unsavory place in your life, the best thing to do is get a second opinion from a trusted source, whether it be a friend, coworker or even a spiritual guide that can be of service and help you determine the next step to take.

When you are kind to yourself while being kind to others, healthy balance can be found for you; the empathic soul. How wonderful if we all spoke to each other out of kindness and did random acts of kindness as part of our spiritual practice.


Have you ever done a kindness meditation for yourself? If you have not, here is how you do this… Find a place that feels safe for you to sit or lay down in and allow yourself at least 15 minutes to have a space just for you to find your center and relax your mind as you focus on your breath.

In this very scary space that you are creating for yourself, give yourself a few minutes to settle down and let all of your thoughts and movies you see in your mind just float away and down a very calm and soothing river… If you can’t see the river in your mind’s eye, don’t worry, it is there, maybe you can hear it… or maybe you remember a river you have visited in your past.

While you are getting more and more relaxed I want you to revisit a time when someone did an act of kindness for you. As you recall this act I want you to remember how you felt about this kindness. Did you feel surprised? Were you humbled?

Did you receive this kindness and take on the sentiment in which it was given? This is how you seat the emotional sense of giving and receiving into your kindness memory banks… your mental and physical body need to record these acts so you can return the favor in kind to others.

Remember the plant and animal kingdom respond to you in kind! Keep this in your mind when you need a kindness “pick me up”. Do this meditation often, pick another kindness remembrance and then another. Your kindness cup will be flowing both directions, for what you give out you will get back. This will help in keeping the synergy of kindness flowing to all of creation.

Kindness shows up in our lives when we least expect it. A simple gesture of self care and the unspoken gift of flowers or written words on a card sent across the miles to get to a person that might be hurting can sometimes be one of those random acts that I am speaking of. The smallest kind gesture that can change a whole person’s outlook in seconds!

People these days are feeling forgotten and not seen. They are talking and not heard. Maybe just listening to an elder talk about their lives is kindness to them that will help them out of feeling lonely or separate from the world. When we exhibit these acts we gain so much wisdom about how we want to be treated. Be the kindness you would like to receive. It’s easier to give than it is to receive what my mom used to say and I have learned this is so true. Allowing another to do a kindness for you is also a blessing to the giver. The gracious act of allowing a person to give you or do something special is important to this ever changing fast paced world we live in. The time is here and now it’s gone. It’s like a wheel within a wheel.

You have to slow down to see the kindness of nature and the beauty that surrounds you in the smallest of settings. What kindness can you do for yourself during this holiday season? What kindness can you do to others?


Peace, Love and Light,


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