The Emerald Birthstone

By George: Taurus Month April 19 -May 20th 

The precious birthday stone for this month is the Emerald symbolizing the beauty of Venus, the ruler of Taurus. Venus is exquisitely positioned this season as she finds herself in her own sign of the bull, for much of the zodiacal month. Feelings are going to run deep during this time as you experience new ways of being, downloading new strands of consciousness that will permeate your life. With this year’s transit of Uranus firmly in Taurus, this time will be full of changes and unexpected events, in some ways an uncharacteristically Taurus season. 

The message here is to ground and connect to nature: This season’s energy asks us to re-connect to our roots, the chthonic earthy part of ourselves; asking us to garden, tend to nature, to make music, to make love. Venus whispers to us to utilize all our senses, so that we may feel alive and connected. 


The emerald is one of the rarest gemstones and needs to be nurtured and protected, two great hallmarks of Taurus energy. Beware however of the negative side of this archetype which is excessive desire, greed and hoarding. 


You will be needing to activate earth centric power during this time to balance your air centric self. Try and use this fixed earth energy to ground your intellectual and communicative goals in order to manifest them. Slowing down and focusing on a few rather than many projects will be an ideal solution.


The Taurus sun will help ground your emotional energy at a time when you may feel unsettled. Cancerians can look to working with the Moon in the middle of the zodiacal month when the moon is in cancer, making a nice sextile to the Sun in Taurus; this will be a time to harness your emotional and intuitive skills to sense what is really going on, rather than being emotionally manipulated. This time will be good for a clear expression of feelings as you dip into your psychic reservoir. 


For you Leos your fixed fire energy will square the fixed earth of Taurus during this month so beware of challenges that you may encounter especially within the context of power dynamics and your own ego. The upside here is for you to work through these confrontations and then you are truly playing to your advantage, as when the sun (Leo) shines down on the earth (Taurus) growth is omnipresent and your soul journey becomes more apparent. 


Mutable earth Virgo makes a nice trine to the Sun in Taurus this month suggesting a good time to capitalize on planning ahead. Much like the farmer plans her crops at this time and tills the land, so Virgo can benefit from detailed planning and benefit from the seeds that she sows at this time, reaping the harvest later on in the year.


Venus rules both Libra and Taurus so this is certainly a time for quality in both terms of relationships and earthly/material things. This is a time for the Libra to find grounding in one on one relationships and perhaps use the Taurus energy to be a little more assertive in allowing your needs to be more integrated and more balanced within the relationship, whether that be personal, familial or professional.


The sign of the Bull will activate Scorpio energy for better or for worse this month as Zodiacal Scorpio opposes Zodiacal Taurus. Moreover with Uranus, Venus and Mercury all conjoining the Sun for most of this season, there will be a strong desire to manifest. The trick here is to use this energy to go inward and ground. Beware of the need for excessive control and instead use this time for self-growth and spiritual enlightenment.  Remember the ‘Phoenix Rising’ suggesting renewal, is the zenith of the expression of Scorpio. 


For you Sagittarians this will be a quieter month having just had a busy Aries season. The advice here is to finish your ‘spring cleaning’ and get your ducks in a row, ahead of Gemini season when you will be asked to juggle more projects and will have to make some choices. This is a time of preparation and mediation for you.


With so many planets in Taurus this month, you Capricorns will have a powerful flow of energy supporting you, in your projects. The advice here is to use these positive currents of enthusiasm towards good and ‘soul nourishing’ causes and not waste this time on short term whims. By using this time efficaciously much bounty will appear down the road.


Saturn ruled Aquarius squares Taurus this month making it an intense time for your Aquarians, especially with all the other activity that is taking place in the House of the Bull. Try and keep an open mind as secrets are revealed. The rule of thumb here is to stay as fluid as possible and not carry too many of your fixed beliefs with you, which will hurt you as the world adapts around you. Try to stay supple and flexible. 


There is a beauty and grace to this month for the Piscean, as Venus for most of this season resides in her home sign of Taurus creating a nice sextile to Pisces, where she is exalted. This is a time of flow, where you can feed your internal creativity in order for it to become expressed externally. Enjoy this time of abundance.


After a very busy birthday month, the sign of Ram calms down a little and lessens his fire energy by settling down and staying a little more sedentary, in order to ground and build upon the projects that were just initiated last month. This is a time for enlarging and completing tasks that were previously started. 


With Love and Light,


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