Pisces Astrological Forecast 2022

By George: (February 19 – March 20, 2022) According to Greek legend the constellation of Pisces is connected to Aphrodite/Venus the Goddess of Love and Beauty, and her son Eros, The God of Love. One day a hideous monster named Typhoon, sent by Gaia to attack the Gods, appeared on Mount Olympus. We are told that none of the Gods had the ability to destroy this beast, so instead they turned themselves in different animals to escape his wrath. When Typhoon appeared, Venus and Eros were at the time bathing in the Euphrates River and swiftly turned themselves into fish, swimming away, thus escaping his ire. Later these two fish, according to the myth, were placed in the heavens as the Constellation of Pisces, commemorating the day when love and beauty were saved.

Astrologers consider Venus to be exalted in Pisces, as love and art, these Venusian realms, are their most noble and pure in this sign. This year 2022 is an especially good year for those who have natal placements in the sign of the Fish. With Jupiter currently transiting through the sign, there is much opportunity for growth and expansion. Furthermore in the Chinese Year it is the Water Tiger, a very auspicious time when dreams can be manifested fast.


Hence, Water Tiger Years are known to be fast and furious, bringing in much needed change. So for all of you with strong Pisces signatures, you are going to feel the winds of change even more than the rest. Naturally you are quite adept at adapting to new surroundings but the trick here is to really focus on what it is you have to change, and evolve into it; not getting swept up into other people’s drama and staying focused on your own spiritual, emotional or mental growth.

You are going to feel more supported at this time, in making decisions and decisive ones too. Pisces people can sometimes put off important decisions and allow others to make them. This is not going to happen in the same way during this Piscean season as you will step more into your own power, whether it is making a business, romantic or a personal decision. Seize the opportunity as the Water Tiger and Jupiter in Pisces are here to support you.


The sign of Ram is Cardinal Fire and likes to manifest quickly, without hesitation. The trick in this Piscean month is to slow down the intensity and try basking in this liminal space of ‘just being’ and staying present with what is happening right now. You may be triggered at times during this Zodiacal season as both Venus and Mars remain conjoined in both Capricorn and then in Aquarius creating a square to your natal Aries placement. This can act like a tinder box and may encourage you to make rash decisions. Try think first and act second, rather than the natural archetypal alternative. Use this martial energy to make good and useful decisions that will serve you well over the long term. No shallow fixes here please. Try tapping into this Piscean energy by meditating through some form of kinesthetics, allowing yourself to be naturally flowing and moving, a hallmark of Aries, but in a contemplative and spiritual way where the outcome is less important than the journey itself.


So it’s a mixed bag for the sign of the Bull. In the early part of the zodiacal month you will feel more supported in the change that you are needing to make in your life. Change is afoot and change can be painful but with a nice sextile between your natal placements and the Sun/Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces you are going to be largely supported by the universe in this time of transformation. However as the month progresses, and as planets such as Venus and Mars join Saturn in Aquarius, a heavier energy might occur for you for a time. Challenges may start to become more visible for those who have strong natal Taurus placements. Try and take these challenges face on, go deeper in your real life purpose and the Universe will support you in these changes that are needed; greatly assisting you in manifesting these transformative opportunities. Through the struggle, tap into the positive energy, which will allow the change to become beneficial; as usually Taurus people tend to resist change, especially when it comes in too quickly.


For those with Gemini planets in their natal chart it is time to tap into this challenging square energy (that is 90 degrees) between your natal planets and those moving through Pisces now via transit. Astrology sometimes can be quite literal and this is a period for you to genuinely experience new thoughts about spirituality and all things mystical as well as musical. It is time to perhaps go on an inner journey, maybe visit a monastery, or go on a retreat. You won’t regret this if this is what you are feeling. Listen to your ‘inner wisdom’ here and when you have thoughts about these things, sense them, feel them and integrate them. It may not be comfortable, but you will in time benefit greatly from these new experiences. These more artistic/spiritual thoughts are really a part of you and your higher-self telling you to get more aligned. This feeling will become even more intense towards the end of the zodiacal month as Mercury, your natal ruler, joins the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces entreating you towards a new way of communication. You are poised for an upgrade.


The sign of the Crab is known as the portal to life itself, where literally those seeds are birthed within the mystical waters of our sacred planet. This is a month for you to listen to the flow of these sacred waters; permitting yourself to become more and more aware of your feelings and how they affect your body. Cancer is “cardinal water” and is synonymous with emotional and intuitive creativity. Think emotional insights and a heightened artistic expression. The desire to express a vision will be increased and more intensely felt this month in terms of connections for you Cancerians, as the transiting planets in Pisces make a nice ‘trine’ of energy to your natal planets. This will be especially felt with the activation of the Sun and Jupiter in Pisces for the entirety of the month. Make use of this time to really utilize these positive energies to help you grow emotionally and spiritually. It is a very good time for you to step into your inner wisdom. Just don’t waste this opportunity as the shadow side is sloth.


Fixed Fire Leo might get some cooling off this month with these transiting planets in Pisces. Traditionally fire and water don’t mix so the intention here is to gently heat the water with your fire so that it simmers and creates steam which are symbolize ‘emotional thoughts’ connecting us to the divine. Use this time to develop your psychic awareness and intuitive skills. With Venus and Mars conjunct in Aquarius opposite your natal placements in Leo, there is certainly a need to balance your Leo heat with the cool of Aquarian energy. Transiting Saturn currently in Aquarius may well be putting a dampener on your creative projects, so try to work with those structural archetypes so that you can lay the foundations for future successes.


Mercury the natal ruler of Virgo is currently transiting in Pisces directly opposite your Virgoan sun sign. Mercury is in its fall in Pisces so for the Virgo it is going to force you to look at the world and various issues in a non-linear, non-rational way. Perhaps asking you to look at things more through the right brain of imagination and artistic expression. This is going to feel very intense this zodiacal month as so many planets are currently transiting in Pisces. The trick here is to go with the flow, not a Virgo trait, and practice more meditations and open up to spiritual inquiries. Maybe take a piano lesson or paint a picture. It is definitely a time to try and remember your dreams, try journaling, as you probably have plenty of memories to jot down.


With the sign of the scales making a square to Mars and Venus both in Capricorn in the early part of the month there will certainly be thoughts and decisions on relationships and power dynamics but these issues will likely resolve by the end of the zodiacal month as Venus and Mars move out of Capricorn and into Aquarius. The advice here is don’t get pushed around by others who may be unconsciously manipulating you. Stay tuned in to what your needs are and always listen to your higher self.


This is a great opportunity for those with placements in Scorpio to run with this watery energy for the whole of the month. Make use of this calendrical time of the “Water Tiger” and “Jupiter in Pisces” which is very auspicious bringing much success and expansion to those who are authentically engaged in soul growth. This is a powerful time for enhancing your psychic awareness and inner wisdom. Use this trine of energy wisely and at its optimum frequency in order to get the most out of it. Remember the eagle is the higher expression of Scorpio where the scorpion is the lower.


During this month there is a somewhat challenging flow of energy oscillating between your natal Sagittarian placements and the transiting planets in Pisces. This forms an astrological square and suggest that you have to turn something potentially difficult and challenging into a success through focus and determination. This is true alchemy. The trick here is to double down on focus, harnessing the positive and expansive cosmic vision of Pisces with your creative Sagittarian vision. Bringing something slowly to the boil as fire meets water, allowing for steam to be made and harnessed, rather than wasted and evaporated.


Feminine Cardinal Earth makes a nice sextile with Feminine mutuable water here, creating decent flows of energy between the two signs. Communications maybe unspoken at this time and the way things are relayed may be translated through mediums such as music and art. A greater fascination with the esoteric may also be on the cards this month as learning about new ways of being and spirituality will be of interest.


In traditional astrology Saturn rules Aquarius making the sign of the Water Bearer appear quite fixed in his belief systems. Remember that Mercury is exalted in Aquarius and is Fixed Air suggesting that belief systems can be somewhat rigid for those natives who are less evolved. So the warning here is to open your heart to the language of Pisces at this time and pull back on any cynicism as this will hurt your inner child. Try remain open to new ways of thinking, new ways of being. This would be the perfect opportunity for you to learn a poem or go on a spiritual walk with no fixed destination. It is really about tapping into the journey rather than the final destination.


Love and Light,


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