Aries Month 2022

By George: March 21 – April 19th

The Vernal Equinox ushers in the sign of The Ram; the first sign of the zodiac and is synonymous with individual creativity, this is where the sun is exalted here in Aries. Cardinal fire as this sign is known in terms of modality and element, initiates and starts something new. Aries energy is the spark plug or the initial explosion; it gets something going, starting a new chapter in life. It is inspirational, brave, often acting first, thinking later. The desire to express and execute one’s vision will be heightened and more intensely felt this month, individually and collectively especially once the sun moves into the second decan of Aries in early April where it picks up momentum.

This Aries season from April onwards will be largely supported by a sextile between the Sun, Mercury and Chiron in Aries and Venus, Saturn and Mars in Aquarius, allowing for a smooth flow of energies between these planets allowing for greater manifestations. Utilize this energy. We are going to see a lot of movement here in terms of new information appearing within the collective sphere, which will lead to new actions being implemented as old systems collapse. With Aries energy it is wise to embrace this change, don’t resist it, allowing yourself to embody the archetype of the Child and go with the change, rather than resisting it. Try to co-create within these energies, visualizing new projects that will come into being, that will support you and your loved ones through the ongoing year.


From the seasonal perspective, embody the metaphor, where the seasonal thaw starts in earnest with the daffodils beginning their annual bloom; this is a time to tap into your creative solar energy. Aries is about action and drive, where you can harness your imagination, dream big (yes Jupiter and Neptune are still in Pisces) and manifest in the way that the Aries archetype is known for. Whether you are Aries or not you can still work with this power of individuation. This is a time of awakening from the isolation of winter where we can feel lighter in both terms of mind, body and spirit. Be emboldened!

The sign of the Bull, known for its strength and consistency, does not like rapid change. With Uranus currently transiting through your sign you are being forced to come out of your own limiting belief system and embrace the new. Activate your fire energy within your earth centric self, this will help you with your own creative magic, permitting you to feel less stuck and insecure. Try and use this spring energy of newness to harness your creative energies that might otherwise have been slower to ignite. This will allow for some excitement and movement in your life. Have some fun!

The Sign of the Twins is going to benefit quite nicely during this Aries season as the sun makes a sextile with your Gemini placements. This will help focus your energy on fine tuning your communication skills; learning more effective ways to share and impart information to your loved ones and business colleagues. Furthermore with a nice trine of energy between your Gemini Sun and other planets in this sign and many transiting planets in Aquarius this is a good time to really harness your ability to communicate. You may start to download a greater understanding of what is happening collectively, if so please try and share this intelligence with people around you. They will be surprisingly receptive as your abilities will be greater than usual.

The fire energy of Aries will build up momentum during this zodiacal month. Emotional feelings will increase as April unfolds. Be wary of being triggered unnecessarily and remain the witness. In astrology, Aries and Cancer make a square which can be challenging for emotional wellbeing at this time. Try alchemizing this powerful solar energy boost, aiming it at a higher frequency of consciousness, which will help you grow. It is about the evolution of the soul after all. There are lessons here and by listening and feeling into the situation, it will help you use this fire energy effectively and successfully. Don’t take it personally and listen to your higher self.

Fire meets fire. This month you will feel energized by the sun and its solar power of renewal and strength. Certainly in the second and third decan of Aries, so from April 1-19th you will feel an increased boost of energy and vitality. Be careful not to squander this time, instead, use this energy wisely to forge ahead with projects and even downloads. In doing this, you will be most successful. Be aware of your ego though and try to maintain a consistent spiritual practice.

Mercury who rules Virgo is currently in his Fall in Pisces. This can be challenging for those with strong Virgo placements, as there may appear some confusion around what is really being communicated. Mercury, the God of Information and Communication, likes to have real concrete data, so when Mercury is in Pisces it is the opposite, it is all about big ideas, communicating feelings and issues that have no fixed beginning or ending; it is a little nebulous, it is spiritual. Try to allow yourself to embrace the poetic, artistic, the musical and find truths in some of these more abstract things. This should help you navigate this time successfully. Don’t let perfection be the enemy of the good!

With the Sign of the Ram and its energy being directly opposite your Libra placements, the feeling of someone or something causing offense may be just around the corner. This is an opportunity for your growth. There is the potential for increased forthrightness at this time, in that you do not always have to be so diplomatic, allowing yourself to be a little more independent and self sovereign. Trying to find the balance between self and others at this time is a good life lesson.

It’s a mixed month for those with Scorpio placements as on the one hand it will be a quiet month as Aries energy makes an inconjunct with the Sign of the Scorpion, which means the energies do not really communicate with one another. On the other hand with Jupiter and Neptune still in Pisces there is an opportunity to increase your psychic and intuitive downloads on what is happening personally and collectively. The recommendation here is to do a lot of inner journey work this month, capitalizing on the energies to boost your energetic immune system so that you are prepared for when the system collapses and you are there to help as a powerful support to others in need.

During this season and especially in the second part of the zodiacal month, there is a strong trine of energy flowing between Aries and Sagittarius, the trick here is not to waste it but to harness this positive vitality and use it for constructive purposes. When fire works with fire there is a big opportunity to get results, just don’t squander the opportunity. I see some trips abroad and new opportunities coming in to connect with new people and places.

Cardinal fire makes a square with cardinal earth here, creating opportunities or challenges depending upon your perspective and frequency. Pluto is still in Capricorn so much of the energy is about profound, seismic transformation. With those with strong Capricornian placements you may feel the rug being pulled from beneath you. This has to happen in order to take you to the next level. Try and work through this potentially trying season to bring out something long lasting that is aligned with your soul contract.

For the Aquarian, the Aries flame makes a nice sextile to your planetary placements. This should help you create some new ideas and upgrade your beliefs about the world; helping you move on from ‘fixed ideas’ that has been, hitherto, your natural state of being. It is a time to put some passion into the mind, expand the psyche, think big and dare to act big and outside the usual societal conventions.

The Aries energy can be a time of excitement or turbulence depending on the perspective and vibration of the Piscean soul. Pisces feel deeply, often intuiting; so the fire of Aries can help you manifest more successfully in the material form but be careful not to waste your energy on pursuits that don’t have long term meaning. You want to constantly ask yourself: is it aligned? Only your body will know, so listen to it! Fortunately, Jupiter is in Pisces throughout this entire season which will give you a boost of energy, giving you a much needed confidence boost, helping you realize your dreams.


Love and Light,


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