Surviving Severance

By Debra: Life is filled with many daunting decisions. There are times that we must seek solace to find our answers, and there are times we should reach out for a concrete plan. It is never easy to break free from old patterns, people who no longer serve us in our lives and places that we have outgrown. We end up comfortable.

debra2 Taking stock of all the reasons your life is being held back is a wise idea. Especially before the spring equinox arrives. This is a fine time for bursting forth with life. The arrival of spring rejuvenates us, the warmth of the sun, the budding trees and singing birds. Rejoice in their calls!

Clearing your life path is often daunting. Every spring I find that I release old patterns, improve my health, let go of people who no longer suit my life path, clear my closet because yet again I gained another 5 pounds. The invigorating thing I do every spring is I do a total redo of my appearance. I also find it very helpful to resolve issues with others. No more guilt about what the other person has done to you or you to them. Let it go, use that energy for much more productive projects. Which in turn leaves room for brand new people, places, and whole new life experiences.

Always remember this quote from Abdu’l-Bahá:

“A man may be absolutely poor and dispossessed of everything, and yet be wordly. Another man may be very wealthy and yet severed. Severance means that one’s heart must not be attached to the things of this world. It does not mean that a man must dispossess himself of them, or that he must not work and earn or practice his profession, whatever it may be, in the world. It does not mean that he must not put on what he has. If he has a silk garb, let him wear that; and if he has not, but has a suit of cotton goods, let him wear that clean. He must feel the same in both.” 

Open your heart and your mind! Feel the exuberance of new discovery. Try a new art class, pick up a hot yoga session, color your hair purple, try a new cooking class. Anything new you choose, changes the outcome of your life on a daily basis. You change the energy around you and begin to attract what you truly need in your life. It applies to all areas including if you are seeking a new love interest or a new job too.

Please join me on a journey of your life with a reading.

Spring is a time for rebirth and rejuvenation. Rejoice!


Happy Spring Equinox!

Love and Light,

Debra at Life Reader

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