Simplify. Enlighten. Enrich.

By Gail: When we strip down what is truly important then we enlighten ourselves to the endless possibilities. We can unburden ourselves. You are an accumulation of all the things you carry. Feelings, experiences, opinions, objects, judgments. They are heavy and dense and require a lot of energy to sustain.  There is no need to carry so many things, especially when they are not serving our greater good. There is so much baggage we could put down to lighten our load. 

Regain your vibrancy and skip lightly into the unbounded. A child skips and sings and dances with lightness – many older people tend to shuffle and crawl, hunched over with a lifetime of burdens they are carrying. 


Think about where your energy is going. What you are investing it in. Energy is an investment. Energy is creating your experiences. You wouldn’t throw your money away on just anything – why are you throwing your energy away? It is so much more valuable. 

When you give attention to something you are giving it energy. Feeding it.  Energy is what is creating your existence. Lighten your load by unburdening yourself of the unnecessary. The chaos, the drama, the worry, stress, perceived responsibilities. Get rid of it all – it is not serving your greater good. 

We are constantly being told we need to let things go. What we need to do is let them out! Often when people say they have let go of something, what they have actually done is to push it down deeper inside of them and bury it. It will ferment and stagnate and find another way to show its existence. These outbursts often come in a negative or draining form. In order to let it go you have to let it out. You have to cleanse yourself.

When you have anger or sorrow or resentment or any low vibrational energies you will benefit by acknowledging them and getting them out of your system. Your feelings are valid and you can indulge them, for a time. A pity party can be great as long as you set some boundaries. 

Dig in the garden, scrub your bathroom, exercise hardcore, beat a pillow, write a letter. Get it all out. Don’t throw it on anyone else – this is your experience, not theirs. Be angry, be hurt, be insecure and unbalanced and confused. It’s okay to feel these things. It is good to feel these things as long as you are using them in a productive way. Don’t be angry or hurt forever, don’t let it define who you are. Be angry or upset now for a set amount of time and then move forward with your life.  

Set aside 15-20 minutes to really indulge in your darkest feelings. Tell the universe exactly how you feel. See the person on a stage in front of you and let them have it – everything you want to say. Then let them go – if you are evolved enough, finish by wishing them love and seeing great things happen for them. If you are not at that stage yet that is fine. Once you have released what you need to then you will find the courage to truly love them, no matter what you think they did to you. 

Once you have simplified your truth and put down all of your baggage and burdens you are free to focus on the things that you really value. You are free to enrich your life with love, abundance and happiness. You are free to really enjoy life and accept the love that is all around you. Love is all around us and when we break down our walls of judgement and limitation, then we can experience life as it is meant to be. It is made to be joyous and loving and lucrative. You were made to enjoy life and love in all of its facets. 

Enrich your experiences by finding love in all that you do and every person you encounter. Every person, every task, every experience, every moment is a chance to feel love. To be loving. 

Simplify what is truly valuable to you. Enlighten yourself by letting out and letting go of all the things that are no longer serving your higher purpose. Enrich your being by focusing on what is left after all of the rubbish has been cut away. Cut out all of the things that drain your energy and what you are left with is a chance to really live in and love in truth.  

Enrich your life with love, truth, abundance and gratitude. Clear the unnecessary deadwood. Find your focus, live your truth, enrich your life, and express love for everyone and everything. 

If you want to be loved then you have to be love. Simple, unencumbered and fulfilling. 

Wishing you much love and lightness in all that you do. Simplify, enlighten and enrich your life to experience the abundance and wonder that is your destiny. Your destiny is love – let it happen for you. 


Love and Light,


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