Seven Types Of Spirit Guides

By Mat: One of the most important parts of living a spiritual life is connecting with your spirit guides. Your spirit guides are entities, some of whom have lived on earth and crossed over to the other side. They send you messages when you need them, but getting in touch with them can be difficult if you don’t know how to identify which ones are yours. Fear not! In this article, I will discuss seven different types of spirit guides and give tips for communicating with them more often!

Departed Loved Ones

The most common type of spirit guide is the departed loved one. These souls who have passed on before you are filled with love and wisdom that can help ease your pain, comfort you during difficult times, and aid in spiritual growth. These guides may be people whom you were close to throughout your life, or strangers whose paths crossed yours for only a short time. 

Regardless of how long or short your connection with a departed loved one, the strength and intensity of that connection creates a bond between you, allowing them to offer you guidance in times of difficulty, and to share in your joy in times of celebration. 

Ascended Masters


Ascended masters are people who have lived an intensely spiritual and virtuous life, often mastering one or more spiritual disciplines before crossing over and choosing to help other incarnated beings to reach higher states of spiritual awareness. In the Mahayana Buddhist tradition, these ascended masters are sometimes referred to as Bodhisattvas: a person who is able to reach nirvana, but delays doing so through compassion for suffering beings.

Often, an ascended master will make themselves known to someone who is already on a spiritual path and who is advancing to higher states of awareness. Their guidance can be strict, but it is always delivered with loving kindness and care for one’s spiritual unfoldment. 

Spirit Animals

Another type of spirit guide is the Spirit Animal, or Power Animal. These guides are light beings and who have taken animal form in the spiritual plane. They present in this way to help us perceive energies in some form that we cannot see with our physical eyes, or describe with our spoken language. They are more powerful than departed loved ones or ascended masters, and they mitigate this power through their non verbal communication with us. 

If you engage with your power animal often enough, they may even be able to offer their guidance through telepathic communication!

Guides Who Have Never Incarnated Before

Distinct from angels or spirit animals are spirit guides who have never incarnated on earth before! These guides are very powerful, and can take many forms, often appearing as dragons, unicorns, or other mythical creatures. They do not have the same experience that other ascended masters or spirit animals may have, however, as they are more aligned to the spirit world than the physical world. They are often dispatched from higher planes of existence to help us with a very specific lesson or life path choices, and often connect with us for only a short time. 

The best way to communicate with this type of guide is through claircognizance: being able to receive messages in your mind, without having to speak or read them. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings around a specific subject: if you are receiving information from someone, or something that has never incarnated on earth before, it is likely that the messages will be delivered through this type of claircognizant thought!

Helper Angels

Helper angels are light beings that assist us in our daily lives, often without us even realizing it. This may be through physical manifestations of their energies: like a sudden wave of calm washing over you during an important meeting; or spiritual and emotional guidance: such as receiving the message to call your mother before she calls you, or the feeling that someone close to you is in trouble. They are incredibly helpful beings, who truly want the best for us.

Spirit Guides of this sort may be dispatched by higher order angels to help lower-order spirits learn and grow through life’s challenges. 

Guardian Angels

One of the most well-known spirit guides are guardian angels, who watch over us and protect us from birth. They help guide us through difficult times or challenges, and their presence, once recognized, is familiar, loving, and compassionate. We tend to recognize them only in times of great need, when their presence is most keenly felt. We often feel as though we are being ‘watched over’ by a guardian angel when we avoid disaster or injury, for instance. 

Guardian angels, departed loved ones, and ascended masters are the closest to humans in terms of their energy and appearance, but they are still light beings – they have never incarnated on the physical plane before. Their role, aside from offering us guidance in times of difficulty, is to remind us that we are connected to higher planes of existence.


Archangels are the highest order of angels, and they oversee large chunks of humanity. They are incredibly powerful, and we are often only aware of their presence once or twice in a lifetime. Some individuals are able to cultivate and sustain ongoing relationships with archangels, though these individuals are often incredibly rare – such as saints or prophets. 

When archangels communicate with us, it is often through clairsentience. As they are very high-level beings, their guidance will often manifest directly in our mind’s eye: they represent the final layer of separation between ourselves and Spirit, and their messages can be difficult to decipher, often taking some time to make sense to us. Their messages are also known as epiphanies or revelations, due to their intensity and power. 

Recognizing your guides and working with them 

All of these types of spirit guides exist to help us become better people; more evolved; able to survive life’s challenges while remaining on the path that will lead us back home. It is important not only to acknowledge them when they make themselves known, but to be able to identify them as well.

Identifying and working with your spirit guides is easy! Ask for their guidance and protection, and you will receive it. Remind yourself that they are there to help, even if the messages aren’t always clear or easy to hear: in time, with practice, we can learn how to interpret all of our guides’ signals perfectly!

No matter who you are, you have spirit guides sending you helpful messages, even right now. When you are attuned, open and receptive to the spirit world, their presence will become more apparent; but even if your connection with Spirit is not strong or consistent yet, it’s never too late – nor should anyone give up on the opportunity of guidance!


Love and Light,


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