Three Easy Steps Towards Finding Your Soul’s Purpose

By Mat: We are conditioned to believe that there is only one way to find success in life. Our culture tells us that this means chasing after things like money, power and fame. But what if you don’t want any of those things? What if you know your soul’s purpose is something different? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, I would argue that the majority of people feel this way deep down inside, but have never been given permission to pursue their soul’s purpose by society at large.

This article will share with you three steps to help get started on your journey towards discovering and following your soul’s purpose!

Step One: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others


It can be so easy to compare our lives and ourselves against those around us. But the truth is, every life is different, and each person has a unique soul path that only they can walk upon. It’s important for you to take off your cultural lenses when it comes to this step because what matters most isn’t how others are living their life, but rather who YOU uniquely are as a human being! 

Remember – comparing yourself with others will only lead you down the wrong path, towards confusion, anger, and sadness. We all have something different we bring into this world when we incarnate, which means there isn’t just one way of going about things, or achieving success in this lifetime. 

This doesn’t mean that you should avoid opportunities to learn from others or even take advice when it seems helpful, but only that you should stop comparing yourself with them. You are beautiful, unique, and special, and your soul’s purpose is equally so!

Step Two: Follow Your Soul’s Passion

I’m sure you know what I mean by passion – that thing that makes your heart beat faster and time seem to stand still whenever you’re in the midst of doing it! Now, finding something like this isn’t always easy because our culture has conditioned us not to follow our passions, for fear they may be impractical, or unlikely sources of income. 

Here is a secret about following your passion: It doesn’t matter how much money it will bring into your life: If pursuing such an activity feels wrong deep down inside, then it is a sign that you are on the wrong path. In fact, there are plenty of people who decide to follow their passion regardless of whether or not it will bring in income, and guess what? They are often the happiest people around!

Step Three: Pursue Your Soul’s Purpose While Having Fun Doing It

This step is all about balance. You see, when we get too far out of touch with our soul’s purpose, life starts to feel like a chore rather than an exciting adventure full of possibility. This isn’t to say that there aren’t difficult moments in every day – only that if you’re pursuing your passion while having fun doing so, even these challenges can be seen as opportunities for growth, instead of things to dread when they come up!

To sum up, I’d like to share with you the words of Socrates which have stuck with me since first coming across them years ago: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” 

It’s time for us all to stop trying to live someone else’s dream and start exploring our own! You can go a long way towards finding your soul’s purpose, just by embracing these three steps listed above – it’s easier than you think! 

It doesn’t matter if it takes some people longer than others – what matters most is that we are moving towards something more meaningful in any way that makes sense for each of us individually. And remember – there is no one right choice or path; only your unique soul path best suited just for you!


Love and Light,


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