The Importance Of Energetic Hygiene

By Mat: The importance of energetic hygiene cannot be overstated. We all know that it’s important to clean our physical homes, but do you know how important it is to keep your energy field clean? If your energy field has lots of negative energy surrounding it, then the people around you will pick up on this and be affected by it.

The Benefits of a Clean Energy Field.

Keeping your energy field clean has a variety of benefits for your health and wellbeing. Being in the presence of negative energy can put you at risk for developing any number of stress-related illnesses, such as headaches.

If you’re constantly tired and lethargic, it might be because your energy field is full of negative energy that drains you.

Negative people are drawn to those with dirty energy fields like moths to a flame, so if you’ve got negative people in your life (or even just one who’s more draining than the others), they will make themselves at home in your space. You may find yourself feeling drained or depressed more often than not when they enter the room.

The Source of Negative Energy.


Negative energy can come from many sources. Not all of them are sources that you’d consider negative. For example, some people see the aura as a source of positive energy; however, if someone has an overabundance of black spots in their aura, then they’re considered to be giving off negative energy.

You can also pick up negative energy from other people’s emotions or thoughts (even if it doesn’t seem like they’re thinking anything at all), places where there is hate and anger, houses with residual trauma (i.e., where violent or traumatic events took place), hospitals…really anywhere that has had intense of negative events happening for any length of time is going to make you feel more tired or uneasy than not when you enter it.

How to tell if you’ve picked up negative energy.

The symptoms of too much negative energy are easy to spot once you know what you’re looking for. The most common signs are lethargy, anxiety, frequent headaches, fatigue, depression and an increase in negative thinking. In addition to these, you might find yourself feeling more overwhelmed around certain people or in particular places. You may experience a sudden drop in energy levels when walking into a room full of strangers, having the sense that someone is watching you, and persistent feelings of sadness or depression can also be signs of heavy negative energy.

Of course, if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, seek medical advice immediately, but alongside advice from your doctor, consider whether you’ve been exposed to sources of negative energy recently, such as those mentioned above.

How to Clear Negative Energy with White Sage.

Smudging is the act of cleansing yourself or your space (i.e., house) using smoke from white sage. The easiest way to do this is to take a bundle of dried white sage leaves (found abundantly online from spiritual suppliers), fold them up tightly and light them on fire until they’re smoking well. Then you waft the smoke all over yourself or your home by waving it around every nook and cranny you can find. You’ll know that you’ve successfully cleared out the negative energy when the space looks and feels ‘clearer’ or ‘lighter’.

How to Clear Negative Energy Through Meditation and Visualization.

Another great way of clearing your energy field of any negative residue is by meditating while visualizing white light coming through the top of your head (otherwise known as the crown chakra) or your third eye (located between the eyebrows), filling you up with beautiful, positive, clean pure light that pushes out all the darkness. 

If you’re not already an experienced meditator, don’t worry; it’s actually very simple once you get started. Just find a space to sit or lie down without being disturbed, close your eyes, breathe deeply from your diaphragm and relax. Then, once you’re comfortable, begin the white light visualization described above. Also remember to visualize beyond yourself when exercising this practice – push out more than just the bad stuff in you, send good vibes out into the world around you so they can help spread light and love with you.

How to Clear Negative Energy by Positive Affirmation.

Another effective way of clearing yourself or your space of negative energy is through the use of positive affirmations. A positive affirmation is a statement that you say until it starts feeling true (i.e., until it feels like it’s really happening), which will slowly but surely alter the way you think or act – in this case giving you an immediate solution to help repair your energy field without having to wait for your meditation session or visualization to take effect. 

Some examples of affirmations include: ‘I am full of joy’, ‘I create my own happiness’, and ‘Every day brings something good’. Make sure they’re short, personal and uplifting, and repeat them to yourself until they feel like the truth. The more often you say or think about them, the better you’ll feel.

Staying Clean by being aware of Negative Energy around You.

The best way to keep your energy field clean is to protect yourself against negative people and places as much as possible – because it’s easier than having to constantly smudge or meditate every time you come into contact with someone who’s got a bad attitude or somewhere that has an uncanny ability to make you feel down in the dumps without knowing exactly why. Make sure that your surroundings are filled with comfortable furniture (e.g., couches, chairs), plenty of natural light, and plenty of fresh air, rather than too much clutter or darkness.

Conclusion: The Importance of Energetic Hygiene

Energetic hygiene is important because it has a direct effect on how we feel and the energy that surrounds us. It’s not just about keeping your home clean, but also cleansing yourself of any negative thoughts or feelings you may have had since interacting with someone who was angry or upset. Clearing out unwanted energies will help to create a safe space for both you and others in your life so they can enjoy living their best lives without worry. So there you have it, simple ways to protect your energy field and clear out any bad vibes that might be hanging around. The more often you practice these positive affirmations and techniques, the more quickly your energy field will be able to clean itself, and the cleaner it is, the better you’ll feel when you’re in it!


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