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Now for this weeks Article I have decided to make it a special one! Something just for you, to you, a topic which you can relate to, have been through in the past or are going through right now as we speak. Yes, Today I will be writing about Relationships and Love. Exploring the different relationships, issues many people face in their relationships today, and how to really know when you are in that ‘right’ relationship and with that perfect person for you.

Now I would like to begin by explaining my views and experiences not only through life but my work as a spiritual reader, Psychologist and Counselor. I have worked with many hundreds of people over the years. And one Topic that has always stuck out for me is that of ‘Relationships’. The not knowing if you are with that right person and continuous questioning within yourself if they are or are not the ‘One’ for you.

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Now all people are different, we have different characters, personalities, energies, DNA, Love languages and relationships. Although we are so different at the same time we are distinctively the same. Does He Love me? Why do I feel such distance from him? What is on her mind? Does he feel the same way about me? Is She the One for me? Now these questions are very natural, and they come about within yourself when one person holds Doubt. Now Doubt does not just appear! It is created by you and by your partner. As They Say it’s Takes two To Tango!

Now in a relationship through my professional experience there are two main points as to why relationships fail. 1) Communication and 2) Lack of Understanding. Now these are two of the most powerful causes of a failed or unhappy relationship. And I would like to explain why.

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Communication is so very important in all relationships, not only romantic relationships. A Relationship is ‘Connection and Exchange’ between two people. Both Verbal and Nonverbal. Communication plays such a large role in the exchange between people. It Exchanges information in the form of ideas, wants, desires, feelings and much more. Incomplete or stopped communication both verbal or nonverbal can create a block in the relationship. The degree of block can vary with the severity or repeating of the communication stop. A Block in the relationships exists or will grow when communication or issues important to you are flat out avoided. This is the biggest cause of Unhappy relationships. From Poor communication or no communication comes a lack of understanding, which can bring about even more hurt, frustration and confusion.

Now Sometimes I find there is always one person willing to communicate and the other side of the relationship not so willing. This can be very difficult. When this happens, we must give them the time they need, and come back to it another day when they are ready to open up and communicate with you. Sometimes a major cure in relationships is a bit of time, but we must remember that communication is key and if after giving that partner some time and he or she is still not willing, the question must be asked… Is this the right person for me? As when a partner is not willing it shows a lack of respect and simply them not being ready or not being as invested into the relationship as you are. You have to always remember YOU come first, your happiness comes first and you should be treated with the same respect you treat your partner with. ALWAYS.

Now through my many years of professional work this is what I have come to find the most successful relationships are made up of. Successful relationships are:

‘Taking responsibility for your own happiness ‘ this is a big one, this is a must, never rely on your partner to do that job for you all the time. ‘Make Good on your words’ Meaning to follow through on your promises. ‘Admit your Mistakes’­ you must always commit to changing your behavior if you have hurt your partner in anyway. ‘Be Realistic’­ know that there are hard days and push through them, never letting the negative energy fester. ‘Listen To Your partner ‘sometimes all they want is for you to lend an ear. ‘Show your affection in anyway you can’­ there’s a difference between knowing that you’re loved and feeling that you’re loved! ‘Be Loyal ‘­always letting them know you will be there for them. ‘Do not ever hide anything’­ especially your feelings about an issue. ‘Give Them Space’­ Everyone needs their own privacy and
freedom at times in a relationship, don’t think they are pulling away but just know and understand they need their own space, Its Okay! ‘Always Express your feelings’­ remind them of how much they mean to you, ‘Encourage Him or her’­ Encourage your partner everyday, support them and show them you believe in them and trust them.

Now I know this may sound like a lot of hard work! But it is truly not hard doing these things within your relationship. In fact it’s very easy. When you and your partner can both practice these things, you will find your relationship will transform into a very happy, vibrant and beautiful world of communication, understanding and Pure Love. Just because you are not there yet and things are not how you want them to be, that does not matter, as I have always said there’s no better day then today to start, You can change the path your relationship is on today and really transform it into something beautiful. So before you give up on your partner on that relationship, give these things a try!

After over 20 years of professional work and study there is absolute truth and hard evidence they work. And for if they do not work, then you will know without doubt that that partner was never meant to be, and you can move on with the peace in your heart knowing you are making room for the ‘one’ to walk into your life one day. A lesson learned is so valuable, and we learn lessons from things, which work and which don’t. It is the beauty of Life.

Now I would like to end this article today with a quote. “The Purpose of a relationship is not having another who might complete you, but to have another with whom you might share your completeness “~Neale Donald Walsh~

If you wish to ask me further questions on Relationships and Love please feel free to email me, or contact me Via Chat readings. I am always available to you and always here to offer my professional spiritual readings and psychological advice.

Love and Light,

Farrah xx

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