Pay Attention To Your Life

By Ann: Pay attention to details checking all work for accuracy. Hard work can be satisfying and successful. There is no get rich quick path for you. Apply yourself. Work smart, learn something new and upgrade your skills. Be extremely cautious with money. Good time to begin a profitable venture.
Arguments legal and contractual issues resolved in your favor. If you have wronged someone, seek reconciliation and forgiveness. Forgive those who have hurt you and move on with your life. Find a new career. If you have been in a low period a great turnaround is coming.

You are entering a period of peace and contentment. Supportive family and great friends, A special love relationship. Commitments made and kept. Joy and happiness, Forgiveness and reconciliation. You have all the material possessions you need. I do see a purchase of a new home.


We all must pay attention to our own life and how we want our life to be, it can be smooth sailing or rough seas. Every thought you think determines your future. If you live in the past, this is all you will see, the hurt and the disappointments you have encountered. Of course, this has all been by choice. For example, John was so unhappy in his married life. To escape that, he got a job in the mines so he could be away from his family. Even though he had three children, this did not stop him.

Then John met another woman, Margaret and he started to live again, he felt excited, a feeling he has not had for many years. John fell in love and so did Margaret; they spent months together and lived life to the fullest and forgot all what was going on around them. It is like they were living in another world; you may ask the big question why did my partner cheat on me? The reason is your partner was not getting the attention and love they craved and often a new relationship can fall in your lap and your husband or wife was not planning to have an affair. It just happened. We can always pass the blame on the other person, but we are all responsible for our own actions. John was not happy he did run from the way he feels. Where he would have been better for John to sit down and talk to his wife, there is no judgment here it is all about your mindset and wants and needs we all have. And how we would like our lives to be and how we need to be loved and treated.

Inner peace and strength are what is needed. There is so much stress in the world and you have a choice you do not have to be a part of it. You can live a stress-free life; it is the way you handle life experiences that counts; it is not what happens to you. We all think and react, then it hits our emotions, then of course you overthink all the negative things repeatedly until it does your own head in.

Be kind to yourself. Do not beat yourself up because your life is not going the way you want and need it to be, this does not mean you cannot obtain what you want, you have to take a different road and change your mind and set a positive one.

If you do not know how to do this there are many books out there that can help you like the “New Mood Therapy” by Dr. D burns as well as “You can Heal Your Life” by Louise L Hays.

Instead of thinking your life is not going anywhere and you are down in the dumps, and you feel all is hopeless, you need to see the light so many people have felt this way you are not alone all you need is a helping hand for you to see miracles do happen and there is a light at the end of the tunnel you feel you are in.

You can also get books on Arch Angels. Start training your mind to be positive. Unlock your mind and start to live a happy and loving life with each breath you take.


Love and Light,


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