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By Anastasia: Spring is here in the USA. I know when she is coming because the frost is melting off the newly unearthed bulbs that I planted many years ago in my garden. It’s always a sigh of relief that winter is almost over and the freshness of rain cleans out the cobwebs in our minds. 

Being in nature is a beautiful way to ground yourself in the present moment and take in a Buddhist teaching and understanding that we truly are connected with all living things. Humans seem to be elevated for responsibility and that does not come without trials and errors. I want to encourage you, the reader to learn the lessons and let go… 


Now is the time to let go of the past mistakes and give yourself some love and nurturing. Many of you whom I am blessed to meet here on Lifereader are asking about your destiny. What will happen, what can I do to fix the situation I am in? My answers vary depending on how your energy presents through the reading and the energy that you bring to our chats. Being up front and totally transparent will get you some of the best readings you will have from many of us here on Life Reader. A lot of you know how you want the outcomes of your questions to be.

Some of you need guidance and assurance, others just need to process the way life has led you to this present moment. All of these approaches will open the doors to your destiny when you allow yourself to receive the information as a gift and wisdom from one sacred soul to another. It is a privilege to empower you and hold space for You to make the ultimate decisions for your path ahead.

I love what I do here for my clients and can’t imagine any other way to share divine inspiration and insight with other loving souls. I know from my own experience this blessing I have takes work. I prepare myself daily for all of you. Prayer, meditation and quietly listening to the holy spirit if there are messages and or information that might come through for the perspective chats of the day. We all need support and validation and believe it or not you all can make my days precious too! The key word in this article is expectation. This expectation of desire or destiny can go many ways. Most of us have an outcome in mind of how we see or lives going and the direction we want it to land on. But then others of us may not have insight to what might happen. I would like you to consider that no matter what we want or how we wish things to take place its important to grasp this very healthy concept. All will be well no matter what the out come. This is where faith trust and acceptance come in to unison for your highest good. In each of us we have a code of ethics. It’s important that we are grounded in some kind of spiritual practice so when the winds of change do not blow our way we have an anchor to keep us from losing sight of our purpose, our life goals and relationship issues. 

When we have a fixed idea about life’s outcomes we will lose sight of the magic of the universal truth of love. What is that you may ask me? In my view it’s this… We are love, we are light, we are always and forever evolving out of patterns when they non longer serve us and we must be brought to our outer dragons so to speak so as to not step into the mire of lesson and stay stuck there! Buddhism teaches the self-other dichotomy is an illusion, and that ultimately nothing is separate. 

When one intimately realizes this, there is no need for attachment. So if we are detached to an outcome, we will not suffer as much as when we are attached to getting things to come our way. More often than not we arrest our destiny when we step in the path of our own evolution by demanding we get a certain result. How utterly boring if we knew each and every move down to the nanoseconds of our lives. There would be no wonder no surprise and no growth without change or lessons to discover. If you need support or feel you might be possibly standing in the way of your own destiny, please reach out to me and we can have a chat or a phone call. It’s a blessing to be supported and it’s an honor for me to help you map out a possible new plan for your future. 


Love and Light,


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