Never Quit

By Michael: Dance like nobody is watching – Never quit! I threw in the towel – God threw it back and said: “Wipe your face, you’re almost there”. One of the perceived risks we take in pursuit of our dreams is that moment we “believe” that our deepest desires may not be realized.

It can hurt so badly and feels like wasted time with a desire that was nothing more than a pipe dream. Well, the great news is that you can achieve all of your heart’s desires. There is no running out of chances or opportunities, you are not punished for giving up and actually, you are not rewarded by success- it is merely the universe matching the energy that you are putting out.

1michael2 It is my experience (because I have come from that place) that in the first instance when you feel like giving in, is to stop, sit back and rest up a little. It is your consciousness telling you that you need to rejuvenate and charge up the batteries. We often mistake these feelings as time to throw in the towel.

Scientists and inventors have had hundreds if not thousands of failures before they reached their EUREKA moment. They did not quit, they simply marked off each experiment as a lesson learned and therefore had no need to do the same experiment over and over again.

We can learn from this also.We experience something, it did not work, we note to ourselves not to do that again and move on. As with the scientist or inventor, we can apply this module of thinking to any situation we are currently facing and by doing so it raises your self awareness, keeps our self esteem and self worth on that high vibration of creativity. So how does one achieve success when things always seem to go wrong, or you just quite never get to where you want to be?

One of the best techniques I have used is to change how I perceive a past emotion on a situation or event. Try this experiment. Let’s take for example, a breakup. Take a moment to see how your body reacts and feels to when the negative feelings are recounted about that relationship The feeling of being cheated, used, and perhaps you feel foolish for trusting. These are by the way natural emotions.

So now start looking at what was great about the relationship, the wonderful feeling that you had, the fond memories and so on. Feel that feeling and momentarily relive the good times. Now listen to your body, how do you feel now, I might suggest you feel a lot lighter and uplifted. By changing the negative aspect of a past situation and shifting your point of view to a positive, creative, joyful energy, you actually rewrite the past feelings to create that joyful energy into the “now” which will be creating a future path and energetic field for you.

For how can we create and live in abundance if we are still stuck with old past negative emotions – the simple truth is we cannot. It is a case of one step at a time or rather rewriting one emotion at a time. Forget the past, it’s gone, over with and you have not yet written your future energetic field. Focus unconditionally with your heart and mind your deepest desires, and so, so important is not to focus on what may go wrong but rather on what could possibly go right!

Each and every one of us are achievers, yes, that includes you – believe in yourself if only because the chance that seems lost may present itself in the final moment.


Love and Light,


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