Manifesting: Creating Our Reality

By Caroline: When we call on the Universe or our Angels to manifest for ourselves, it is according to our Will and can only be delivered with what it sees as being called into existence by us. This requires us to filter our thoughts and emotions in order to project what we want to manifest into our lives because if we don’t do this, we end up creating a potential experience opposite to that of what we actually intended. 


Our thoughts create our existence and our decisions, so, the Universe conspires to make things happen according to these thoughts and decisions. This is also coupled by our agreements before we came into being about what we were going to learn this lifetime, remembering that we are only ever given things we can handle whether we are aware of this or not. caroline2

When our thoughts are in negativity – negativity is projected out and this is what will be called into existence. It’s the law of attraction, they are our thoughts. Our feelings and emotions are a magnet for these experiences as well. Negative feelings of shame, guilt, blame, victimization, poverty, lack, sickness, feeling stuck, violence, addiction, this will never work, I’m not worthy or loved, it will all turn out really badly, something is bound to happen to stop my happiness and so it goes on. When our thoughts are in positivity – appreciating things like the wind blowing, being appreciative of the beauty in all instead of what we don’t have, sitting in the power of the now, feeling love, the ‘I can do it’ the ‘i choose happiness’, I am love, being humble, I believe, I trust, I’mm learning from my mistakes, forgiving oneself, being humbled When our thoughts are in wishful thinking – we still feel the negativity but we wish things were different. Being in this frame of mind confuses the universe and your angels making it much more difficult to get an idea of what you are truly wanting to manifest. When our thoughts are in wanting – I get it, it’s hard to stop wanting, But sometimes we want something so badly that we are tethered to it so it becomes a restriction. The paradox is that the act of wanting tells the Universe and your angels that you do not have it yet, that you aren’t ready. By focusing so much on wanting something and spending additional energy wondering how it will happen, is just reaffirming that it hasn’t happened, it screams unworthiness and affects your ability to manifest it. ‘Wanting’ implies it has not and never will happen because its future tense, not present tense. 

So let’s see now, which one are you at? Where are your thoughts and decisions?

Each one of the areas creates your reality, depending on which one you are sitting in. We may be in one or we may be in many all at the same time, creating such confusion. 

If you call on the universe or your angels to help you manifest, be sure you are sitting in the positivity of that thought. Be sure that you are grateful for what you have. Be sure that you are sitting at the moment and in love without expectation. 

For example – I once said to myself when I was really young that I wouldn’t mind betting that id end up marrying a redhead with glasses, which wasn’t my ideal partner, that would be just my luck and sure enough, that’s what happened, because I was thinking this will happen to me, instead of saying, I am going to be the happiest woman and mother that anyone has ever seen, I’m ready for this to come into my life now. More examples of negative thoughts were… I’m not good enough to do something like that, I will never make money, I can never be happy. There is always something that gets in my way, what’s next? My life has been a constant learning environment for me, I have learned to change the way I think and this in turn has changed my life. What I was telling the Universe/Angels was that this is what I wanted, so this is what I got. The more I gave it recognition in my thoughts, the more power it had to come into being. The key to sitting in the right frame of mind and bringing into existence only positivity, is being grateful and healing from our past mistakes and learning from them, knowing that those mistakes have brought us to where we are today, and not making those same mistakes again. If we notice that the same mistake keeps coming back to us through various experiences ,then the universe is trying to tell us, we have not learned from it yet.

Before we came into being here in this life, we agreed to our experiences so it is up to us how quickly we learn these in order to manifest our soul purpose. Our ego self plays a large part in making us feel bad about who we are and loves playing the negative card. He/she sits on our shoulder telling us how bad things went, we deserved what we got, laughing at our losses, so banish it or laugh at it, don’t give credit to the demeaning words flowing from its mouth, know that you can do it, and do it well. 

Another key to manifesting is coming from a place of already seeing this as happened, connect to the higher self, feel the positivity and love, then manifest that which is your heart’s desire. Spend time in the ‘feeling’ of what you are getting, not so much the words or how this is going to come into being. 

It may take longer than you would like for things to start to improve but you will see improvements every day, the more you sit in positivity, the more positive your life will be, the more your angels can create what your heart desires for you. What you think, what you say and how you feel gives direction for your angels as to what your life will be. 


Some say, we came here to learn and through learning we become closer to our higher purpose. Some of us have harder lives than others, some of us get away with blue murder and nothing ever seems to come of it. Just remember, the closer you get to becoming the truest version of yourself the easier it is to manifest. Your strengths and your weaknesses are designed to build your personality. Your will is the drive, your soul is the heart.


Love and Light,


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