What We Have Learned in 2017 and Expectations for 2018

By Caroline:Wow! What a year 2017 has been! Let me say firstly, for those of us in alignment with our highest good it has been a beautiful road to walk for 2017 and for this we are grateful.

For Many of us, it was a year of setting boundaries, clearing out the old and setting intentions in motion for our highest good in 2018. A Year of Incredible Growth, lots of highs and lots of lows. Much thoughtfulness for many as to where we have come from and where we would like to go. At times, we have been the proverbial Hermit (Tarot) – spiritually, emotionally, just trying to figure out where our truths are. The Universe has sent people and issues into our lives to teach us valuable information – i am living proof of this. Handling stresses that we secretly harbored, the anxiety that life caused us, the mere pressures of life in general, all came up in 2017, to be examined.

It was a year filled with change and we learned how to raise our vibrations through calm and methodical processes whereby our bodies learned to work harmoniously with our spirituality.

caroline2 The year was also about setting intentions and trusting that the Universe had our backs.

It was almost impossible for us to remain spiritually mature whilst being emotionally immature, this was a lesson in itself.

For example – doing things that are not in alignment for our highest good.

– helping others in order to satisfy ourselves rather than the Universe/Spirit

– not recognizing our own faults as well as symptoms of anger, sadness and fear

That was why 2017 was a huge year of learning.


We were given free will to take control of our human selves and this has always trumped anything that may have been in store for us spiritually, as set by the Universe/Source. It has been hard for many of us to recognize that when the two work in harmony, things seem to work out so much better than when they fought against each other, not deliberately of course, it’s just that sometimes life got in the way and we forgot that blending the two was the most important part to learn. We have learned that it is important to let go of ‘control’ and just ‘allow’.

We were sifting through feelings about what we were going to do with our lives, which direction we wanted to head in and how this was going to affect us.

It has been physically, mentally and spiritually draining.

Finding our passion was the most important step for most of us and integrating that with our already busy lives was even harder. Using our passion for the greater good is all well and good, but, we still had to pay the bills – welcome to a normal job and trying to walk the spiritual path whilst keeping the books balanced.

Life happened differently for lots of us and there have been no guarantees that what we set out as an intention; was going to come to us.

We all live life at different speeds and I believe most of us realized that the speed (albeit different) was the speed that had been set by the Universe, designed just for us and no-one else. Some may have tried to speed it up, but the Universe would slow us down again by placing something in our path to slow us up. “Be Patient, all will be okay” – I often heard my Higher Self say to me. “Don’t be too quick to get to the end, remember to enjoy the journey.”

Taking time out for self and remembering that we can’t rush time is a hard lesson, but the Universe always steps in to assist us, whether we like it or not. This is all part of the journey, learning to harness all that life presents us. We have all grown through the year and are most definitely not the same people we were at the beginning of 2017. Perspectives have shifted drastically and as a consequence, we have gained much clarity about what we wanted for ourselves going forward.

Which bring us to 2018 and what it has in store for us

It will be a year to enjoy what we started or set as an intention in 2017.

2018 will be busy, the year of harvesting that of 2017.

If we are in alignment with our highest good, We will reap what we have sewn. If we are not the Universe will step in and course correct.

We will be able to define what we truly want going forward, rather than what we don’t want, which was let go in 2017.

It will be a time to rest and remember the importance of listening to our bodies.

Mind, body and spirit are all equally important and we must remember this to remain in alignment with our highest good.

The greatest benefits will come from a balance.

We will accomplish much in 2018 but we must remember to rest.

There will be forks in the road and these will mark the place of important decisions and life changes.

No procrastinating, it’s time to move on what was set in 2017. If we do procrastinate watch out because the Universe will more than likely intervene and, circumstances and events will happen to move us back into alignment (this is what I and others call ‘course correction’).

The potentials are endless and our dreams will move into our realities if we just allow them to unfold without control.

Use the energy of 2018 wisely and keep in mind what we set out to do almost a year ago.


Remember, the Universe has our backs.

Love and Light always,


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