Magic Of Manifestation

By Debra: Daily I am asked the question of “how do I make positive change in my life?”

debra2 I think I get that question 9 times a day actually. Therefore in this edition of what I am calling the Mystic Series of Fortunate Events. I will begin to unravel the mystery of manifesting for you.

Ever wonder why the person beside you always seems to literally have a horse shoe of good luck tied to them somehow.  Yet you drag yourself to that utterly deplorable meaningless job and deal with duct taping your good shoes together because you can’t afford a new pair.

Well here is what they do, daily.

  1. Close your eyes and picture the world around you falling away. You are breathing deeply, you are relaxed, your as light as a feather. Stay in that way for 10 minutes every morning.  Before you get out of bed is best. Now take 3 deep breaths. 3 is the magic number for all of what we do in magic. You have heard of 3rd times the charm right? Now say in your mind the 3 most desired things you want to occur.  Set a date for these things. Say I want $1000 per week for the rest of my life as an example.
  1. If you can picture it, you can HAVE it. The power is in our mind to achieve whatever we so desire. So picture that new house, car, money, new love.
  1. Now we need to find photos and symbols to create our vision, So whip out those scissors pass me the glue and let’s start our dream board. You are going to cut and paste any image that magically calls you and place it on the board. Write the year on the paper. White bristol board is the best to use in this case.
  1. Around the image with a black fine line sharpie pen. I say black because that color is for intent. Red is for going in the red financially so don’t use that. Blue is for writing in emotions. Now write around the images the first words that come to mind. Say things like “My black ford escape with running boards and roof rack has a yellow kayak on top and is in my driveway” if you’re trying to manifest a new truck that is. You need to be specific in your wording. If you are too vague you might end up with a banana yellow truck with a black kayak. See how this works? The universe requires direction on what you are trying to create.
  1. Now that your vision board is complete, mount it somewhere that you can see it multiple times per day. The power of creating is consistency. Take a photo of your board and use it as your screensaver, on your phone, computer and keep a photo of it on the mirror on your bathroom.

The next portion of manifesting is tuning in to your wording. Positive reinforcement is key here. Saying things to yourself such as ” I am in the perfect job. I now feel content with my profession. I no longer struggle financially. Everyday I wake I love what I do”

Another reason why some people are more successful than others is their ability to say NO. Saying that alone changes the energy and outcome of the situation.  So no more of that “oh well I will just put up with what I get” You need to push forward and new opportunities.

There you have it! the beginnings of creating what you want in your life.

Dream, Desire, Deserve……

Love and Light,


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