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By Annelize: Having more time at hand with almost a worldwide lockdown, I want to ask if you have ever written a Let it Go! -List? I know for sure there are many things that I need to let go of. Being distracted in everyday life gives me an escape, a reason not to give time to these. I just go on, until one of these things creeps out and shows their head. Then quickly “handling” and working through the popped up thought just to keep the mind and heart at ease.

The Let it Go List


The List includes stories of regrets, past places, people that may have hurt you, people that no longer are around, people that moved on, business transactions that were a failure, opportunities you never took, opportunities you passed by and your list can go on and on. Why is it so difficult to let go? Why do I want to go back, blame and relive the same situations over and over, it is almost like being stuck in a repeating loop repeatedly? In a way, it is a way of self-punishment as we are still trying to make sense of why we chose what we did.

Why is it difficult to make a list of things to let go of?

Many times, we love to keep holding on to the past, as if the past is part of us, and would help create a better future. Mostly this is partnered with regret, with what if’s and why didn’t I? Repeating the same scenes over and over, creating different scenarios and outcomes based on our what if I did it this way or that way. Dreaming about a different outcome in life. These past situations are gone and probably will never repeat in the same way ever again. Instead of using up energy on the past, why not use that energy to create a new future, learn from the past and move forward, but we get stuck and repeat the past over and over.

How to create a Let it Go List?

Just start to write down, all the things that you need to let go of, people, places, things, situations, etc. The list will not be complete after the first writing, and you will probably need to update it as things pop up. 

What do I do with the Let it Go List?

Step by step using each situation and contemplating it. Feel it, sense it, taste it, and allow the emotions to surface. We need to be honest and open towards ourselves, we also need to have some compassion and care. Each person handles it differently, either by taking days working through one point or just a few minutes. I do challenge you to sit with this, embrace it, really face all these things that were buried under the rug. Allow anger, humility, blame, shame, sadness, fear, anxiety, hatred, and all the emotions we label as ugly to surface. Make space to be with these emotions we do not want others to see in us.

Working through the list step by step, work with every situation, see the positive in it, see how it changed your thinking. See what you could have done differently, but you never knew if it would have worked out that way, and the fact to accept is, you will never know. Forgiving yourself, others, and being able to move forward, being able to accept what has happened, and to be able to still move on. After handling the Let it Go List, it is time to make a spiritual shift. You could burn your List when you have completed the work, many clients feel a sense of closure after burning it. Lastly, I recommend the following exercise to my clients to assist them to cut ties with not only people, but also situations, places, and things. 

A Spiritual Exercise to Let Go and move forward in life:

I would recommend you continue doing the exercise for 7 consecutive days. This exercise is for any connections to people or places, jobs, family, etc. that is no longer serving you. The things you put on your Let it Go List. 

Put some nice meditation music or relaxation music on, on YouTube, some very nice ones are about a half-hour long. 

Step 1: Ask your guides or God to start preparing the “ground” for cords that are ready to be removed. 

(Cords are attached to us, that we need to let go of. The way you visualize or see this differs from person to person. You could see some tentacles that are attached to you, or plant roots growing from your body connected to something or someone, or just wires, cables, even barbwire, or any type of cord that attaches you to another person, situation or thing. Make it special to what suits you and the situation or person you must let go of.) 

Or you could just become still, close your eyes, listen to the music, and just get yourself ready to let go of all connections that no longer serve you. Take time to get in touch.

Step 2: When you feel connected, calm and ready start to visualize these cord connections that are ready to come out. See these as connections your body has with other people or other things. I would focus on one or two per session, but sometimes we need to just work through it one at a time.

Step 3: See the cords around you, feel the feelings and emotions, allow it to overcome you. If the cords are heavy like huge chains, you sometimes need to use a tool to cut them first and then to slowly start pulling them out. For example, a bolt cutter will be the right tool for a strong chain, so visualize how you take the bolt cutter and start to cut the strong chain. See how the chain is cut, hear the sound, feel the energy it is taking to cut it, let the emotions go with the chains that are falling. If it is a woolen string, cut it with scissors. It is very important not to just cut the cords, as they can grow back. We need to unplug the cords, pull them from your body, so every little trace and piece is removed. After cutting the cords, it is time to wiggle it at the point where it enters the body so that the whole cord can be unplugged. 

Step 4: Take time, to ensure that every little piece connected to a person, situation, or thing is removed and unplugged. Once all the cords are removed, we need to heal those open wounds that are left in your body. Fill the open holes with a Healing Ointment from Pure Energy. Visualize a jar of Ointment specifically created in love for you to use. It has healing properties that will heal the open wounds from the inside out. This will repair the physical and energy body. 

Step 5: Spend time to lovingly rub the ointment into every pore. When the pores are filled with the ointment let the whole-body light up with energy and see how it is slowly restored to optimal health. Many times, we need to put on layer upon layer of the ointment to heal it completely so take your time here. 

Step 6: Drink a glass of water and clear your energy field. For the next 7 days focus on drinking more water, eating clean, stop any energy work, and just relax. Take this time to heal and let go of your Let it Go List.

Feel free to reach out if you need some help with any of the steps above. While the whole world is changing, let’s step out and make the biggest change possible – in ourselves. Just Let it Go, it is time!


Love and Light,


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