Karma In The New Age

By Ava: Thanks for stopping by in my corner! Today, I like to share some thoughts about karma and our new world. I would like to reiterate on the fact that everything is energy from a new angle. From the perspective of, what we share with others stays here and what we leave after we take off to the next place is a continuous energetic stream that we carry with our spirit across lifetimes. For a second, imagine the ozone layer and earth as one single being and think about all the bodies that purged into the earth, all the sounds and noises that are stored from the beginning of time in the air molecules.

We all know sound has energy, and it doesn’t disappear. That’s why music causes subconscious shifts that lead to emotions and understanding for many who are more auditory gifted based on the brain type. So imagine all the energies that surround us from everyone and everything. We are always in there on earth! In the 4th dimension.


Switching gears a bit, so I can get to my point, I get a lot of questions and us as humans are very curious about Karma and the afterlife mystery. When we die, spirit transitions and the record of Karma continues to be maintained and there can be tweaks, improvements optimizations there by the higher power(Allah’s mercy). As God is love and has forgiveness, so there can be recovery and cleansing as the spirit transcends. Now when it comes to the element of responsibility from the human perspective Karma is still like an account that a person holds and is tied to him/her, it keeps accumulating based on what we put in there and the influence it creates continues to perpetuate changes that also get recorded in the Akashic Record, library of all lifetimes. Therefore, it’s very important to pay attention to our actions and the consequences of them. For instance, the spirit of a writer who has passed and left an influential book on earth continues to get blessed afterward, and the spirit keeps ascending in rank. Isn’t that a mesmerizing journey for the soul of a good one?

When we leave earth, many things that remain after us such as our children, books, people we’ve helped, orphans we adopted, manuscripts we wrote, theories & systems that we developed that continue to function after us, places we’ve built like schools, libraries, hospitals with caring doctors and many more all continue to create karma and shape our legacy. This legacy is attached to the spirit. Each person leaves a legacy behind, and that legacy continues to exist and create karma for the persons that continues to enhance the spiritual record or damage it. That’s why past life karma resolution is very important when it comes to healing and is one of the key areas. The mark that we leave on earth remains and is very significant when it comes to achieving our spiritual purpose in a wholistic sense, as it’s timeless and spaceless. It is fluid across dimensions. It will always be a continuous stream of cause and effects from the very beginning, our first life, to the last life inshallah that we achieve perfection at the soul.

God has justice and forgiveness, so he may forgive us and bump us up at times the same way we feel shifts in real life, but one should always obey him and not depend on him always forgiving any sin, again this comes with understanding the element of responsibility.

In the modern age, we use technology and social media as a tool to share our knowledge, feelings, experiences with the rest of the world. We all have a digital memoir, and thinking about these digital memoirs and how they are albums of our life forever sitting on a hard drive somewhere way beyond our age is an interesting thought to pursue that moved me to write this article for you guys. To rethink our memories and the way we generate, and share them nowadays.

Next time you are thinking of sharing yourself and a part of your life with others, what I would like for you to do is to contemplate on the picture, thought, and words you are sharing. Understand the impact, and analyze the intention behind them to make sure it’s light sourced. Start visualizing maybe your Facebook or Instagram feed as a timeless footprint of who you are in the digital landscape as a human being, not just words and pictures. Think about all the future people 100 years from now when they look at your Facebook feed and what it means to them? How does it make them feel and connect with you? These are all ways in which, we are creating our book of life with a permanent physical record. As permanent as it can get on earth, of course. Thanks for reading, and let me know how your digital journey goes with social media and real karma records. I wish you the best in your endeavors. Blessings and hope.


Love & Light


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