Sacral Facts & Healing

By Ava: In the name of God the Compassionate the Merciful

Sacral is the second chakra in the chakra system. It is the center of joy & pleasure, reproduction, creativity, sexual activity, partnership, trust, and collaborative efforts. Keeping it healthy is also very important during the sexual development and puberty that’s directly connected to our mental health and stability.

We have 7 main energy channels in our body, known as the chakra system. This system starts from the bottom of the belly to the top of the head and extends itself into the higher realms through energy cords and intentions. Their resonance together forms the aura. The picture below should describe the alignment of internal chakras.


In this article, we are discussing the second one that’s color orange as it’s the one that sits above the root, the first chakra. Blockages and holes in sacral can cause a lot of issues in building relationships which is a key area in success for a human being. Flaws show itself both in romantic and platonic relationships within the personal and professional contexts. Sacral plays a major role in how we show up creatively every day and how we focus and problem-solve using our creative force which is a very important positive resource. As a result of the imbalance the residue falls on other chakra and leads to negative behavior patterns like addiction, poor health and relationship with self as well.

Chakras have circular movement and emanate and shoot energies in circular ways upward and downward similar to a fountain. There are feedback loops around the chakras to itself and to the chakra line which connects them all. This energy flow moves in between the centers upward and in circular manner from the top back to the bottom as a fountain that’s flowing and first and last chakras each can be connected to energy centers outside the body as there are many loops and pathways. We can connect chakras to other physical and spiritual beings via meditation and intentions that we set and based on what we seek. That’s why people heal in full moon meditations when they tune into the energy of the moon that balances emotions or hugging a tree and meditating on the grass to ground oneself and absorb the energy from the center of the earth to the core to strengthen the body. Not to mention remembering our earthly being here acknowledging our responsibilities towards ourselves and the planet. There are ways to strengthen the connection by visualization techniques that we keep it for another discussion as the focus is on Sacral for now.

What moved me to choose the topic “Sacral Healing” as one of the first topics to discuss on here was first the frequency of the issues when it comes to this area that I observed as well as extreme cases that were coming to me for healing and help. Unfortunately we live in overly sexualized societies with an extreme amount of unconscious sexual activity that’s not coming from god, infidelity that’s transferable energetic pollution, plus the promotion of abortion and destroying feminine energy as a whole that’s pretty dangerous. Abortion could form black holes in this chakra which means the energy constantly gets discharged and doesn’t build itself to the point that it can travel, as a result the person loses her livelihood and is not able to fully feel the natural progression, pleasure, and satisfaction that comes with sex as well as the mental stability and mood required for proper parenting, critical thinking and clarity that’s required in sustainable societies.

All of these dots are heavily interconnected with how we encounter sexually and emotionally with the world. Not to mention unfortunate facts about people who are addicted to pornographic images, videos or watching them casually where they are constantly spiritually connecting their energy to very heavy negative resources that drain them from their sexual power and end up blocking themselves from real experiences of love and sex. They basically program the subconscious to something that doesn’t exist, so it’s a one way cord that goes nowhere along which they are always losing energy. Furthermore, they end up being spiritually stuck there, spiritual jail, by habits that brain develops and body gets conditioned to where pleasure loses its meaning. It is a saddening fact that needs to be consciously stopped and healed with no exception!

On top of that the unfortunate rate of sexual abuse at young age is more common than we think in our world, so it’s very important to learn ways to be conscious and aware of how we share our body with someone else when it comes to touch, and physical interactions and healing from that. Acknowledging it, so we can move forward and craft creative solutions and implement them.

I like to emphasize that there is no magic way to heal this chakra overnight similar to other chakras. In extreme cases mentioned above like sexual abuse or abortions working with a healer complimented by a psychotherapist or psychologist is absolutely necessary, and it’s a long term recovery process not to only heal sacral but break through the mental barriers and false beliefs. One has to shift the perspective when it comes to the sense of self worth, creative pursuits, child bearing, parenting, and everything that’s key for us in creating a community that’s interwoven by healthy family units.

Sacral chakra imbalance can be seen as overactive or underactive. When it’s overactive, it’s spinning fast, the person thinks about sex more than often addictively and there is a constant need/obsession and escapism from reality to sex. Grounding in nature, exercise, crystal healing and abstaining can be very powerful to start realigning the mental and physical muscles. Below we discuss more remedies.

When Sacral is underactive there is not enough motivation in life or desire for sex the way a healthy person would have it, views on family is also not so positive. Certain diet with mood boosters, and proper food as well as social activities and more engagement with others in the beginning can revive the hope that’s needed as part of the social health in a person who is experiencing this, cord cutting meditation with the past that’s typically the cause and remedies below are helpful also.

Some steps that one can take in sacral healing are:

  • In the beginning start by fasting, and relaxation to clear the aura this makes meditation using a pure white a candle easier for you. Focus on a rotating orange ball in the energy center and grow it in your mind’s eye.

  • Cultivate joy. Express yourself creatively in art, music, dance and writing.

  • Drink plenty of water, herbal teas as water element is very well connected to this chakra to flush energies. When temptations arise shower. Swim often.

  • Use crystals like carnelian which is very powerful, the growth crystal as I call it. Vanadinite is also powerful to break creative blocks referred to as “writers/artist block” and get the flow going. Orange calcite or clear quartz are secondary choices, put them on the chakra when you meditate or the center of the palm, clean it using salt bath often and carry the crystal with you or wear it as jewelries. Connect with the crystal focusing and drawing light cords in your mind’s eye through your body parts and breathe in/out of the cord. Relax, breathe and allow the visualization to form.

  • Eat Orange food like oranges, sweet potatoes, carrots, grapefruit.

  • Heal neighboring chakras by consuming red and yellow food, peach, apricot, mustard, beets, tomatoes, root vegetables.

  • Foods rich in Omega-3s, such as salmon, or fish oil supplements also work well to balance this chakra as they work towards our emotional balance.

  • Nuts and seeds such as almonds, cashews, flax seed, walnuts, and sesame provide additional fatty Omega-3s, which aid in cardiovascular health, anise, and star anise help with blood flow, nervous system health and reducing inflammation. Food like coconut for the brain boost/mental sweetness and connectivity of the thoughts, spices such as cinnamon, for grounding and turmeric for immunity and confidence.

  • Abstain from pornography images or videos and engaging in meaningless and mechanical sexual activity to allow the emotional health to restore itself. Protect your gaze by not looking into areas and places that trigger that.

  • Ground yourself more by mediating on the ground, in nature. Hug a tree and focus on the roots of the tree and connect with the light structure and sacred geometry in your minds eye to connect your sacral and core to it and charge it.

  • Work on your social fears by challenging yourself and forming true connections

  • Focus, pray and meditate on self-love and self-care.

  • Cardio accompanied by Core exercises. Breathwork meditation(in a duo format for accountability).

  • For overactive use icing and for underactive you can use a combination of hot/cold(IcyHot) pads to trigger it during meditation.

  • Journal your thoughts and feelings. Stay positive and look at your progress with love.

  • Last but not the least, as you are healing your relationship with your partner, colleagues, friends, parents, and everyone around you, will shift so welcome it. Set new boundaries if you have to, be open and stay positive throughout the course of changes.

We love to be part of your journey of change and collective growth towards a higher purpose inshallah.


Blessings, Love and Light,


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