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How Long have you been working as a Psychic?

I really began noticing my spiritual awareness as young girl around the age of 5. I would always find myself guessing things, reading my parents minds, predicting when something was going to happen or when my grandmother would be calling our house. At that age it was normal to me, although I always remember my parents being astounded by some things I would say. I thought everyone was this way, not until I got into my late teenage years and met a wonderful spiritual guide who told me I was gifted and taught me how to use my gift. Soon after that I began working as a professional Psychic. Well Over 20 years experience I now have.

Was this Always what you wanted to do?

No! It sure was not. As a young girl I had always wanted to help people in some way I never considered going down the path of working as a Psychic, in fact I did not know back then this could even be a job. I wanted to study Psychology and work as Counsellor, I did follow that Dream pursuing a Degree in Psychology and working as a Counsellor for many years. Once I started working as a Psychic and using my gifts in a spiritual way I found my true calling, my true passion. Although I am still qualified and even now continue to work part time as a Counsellor, and full time as a Psychic. I just love what I do and the amazing clients I speak with everyday!

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What do you do for enjoyment?

Wow great question! Where do I start! I love to travel, I love people and meeting and learning about new cultures. I love painting and using my creative ability. I am very much an outdoors person, I love the nature and what it does to me, it gives me so much, fuels and empowers me with real pure energy which helps me to thrive in life. I LOVE to meditate. I enjoy reading, on my days off from working as a psychic you will find me at the beach with my beautiful dogs enjoying some delicious watermelon under the sunshine! This is my idea of a perfect day 🙂

Do you have siblings and do they have the same abilities?

Yes I do. I was raised in a very poor family, with little money and not growing up with much at all, this lifestyle taught me to appreciate the small things. Although I was showered in love and this I am so thankful for! I have 2 Sisters and 3 brothers, One of my sisters works as a psychic medium part time, and one of my brothers is also a Counsellor. The others have gone off in other career directions. We are not all spiritually gifted, but those gifts we have been blessed with in life are all put to perfect use­ no matter what yours is this is the key in life­ do what brings you Joy

Do you Enjoy working for Life Reader?

When I discovered and was introduced to Life Reader through a friend this was a moment which really changed my life. After many years of travelling around as a psychic I felt it was time to finally settle down in one place as I am not getting any younger! Life Reader is not only my job, my career my passion but it is a place where I am empowered by the clients I read for. It is a place where I can truly use my gifts to help those who need spiritual advice, change and guidance.

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Do you prefer reading for people in person or online?

The Truth is it makes no difference. The reason why I do what I do is because I love helping people. Psychics work through a spiritual means, you do not need to be present with that person in order to read for them. I have worked my whole life doing readings in person, Since I have been online with Life Reader I find I these just as effective, with a simple first name and date of birth I can go ahead and tune into the energies of the people I am reading for and get insight this way into their futures, questions and current situations.

How do you see in to the future and know things?

I love this question. The truth is I do not know how I do this exactly! It is a gift you are born with. I do know I am very intune with energy, my spirit and my spirit guides. It helps to have a question to work with or a particular subject For example ‘relationships and love’ or
‘career’. I will then use your date of birth and first name to tune in to your energy. Then I will see words, picture visions, whispers in my spiritual mind will all come to me, I then piece together this information I am getting and word it how my guardian angels tell me to. Its not always an easy job, but it is the most rewarding job I have ever worked in­ knowing what I am doing for my client and how I am helping them. I am so thankful and happy to be working for Life Reader. I do not feel like I work a day in my life!

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