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By Brett: There are a few people out in the world who I regularly speak to who struggle with being able to meditate. I come across this on a regular basis. First of all what is meditation? Why do I meditate and how does it help? How do we meditate?

What is Meditation?

Meditation means transforming the mind and these meditation practices transform and develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity and a calm seeing of the true nature of things around, above and beyond you. Meditation is an ancient modality that has been with us here on earth for many many many years. Some of the earliest written records on meditation date back to 1500 BC. Impressive isn’t it? These records were constructed by people from the Hindu traditions Vedantism and other forms of meditation Taoist China and Buddhism India. It has been an ancient spiritual practice for many years. Meditation is a daily practice and with this daily practice and we become better in Mind, Body and Spirit. As they say, “Practice Makes Perfect.” Meditation came into Western awareness around the 1800’s where philosophers and guru’s bought many new forms of meditation into Western society. They have seen the benefits of meditation through people who lived to great ages through the practice of meditation who seemed to have a healthier outlook on life. Now I know not everyone who meditates is guaranteed this, as I feel the findings of the benefits of meditation is purely from an individual basis. However, through the positive findings of other peoples stories on how they utilize meditation to help assist them in the life journey.

Why do I Meditate and how does it help?

I always had an ability to tap into my subconscious mind as a young child. When I was at school I use stare off into space and my teacher would clap her/his hands to grab my attention and to bring me back to the reality I was escaping. Now vacantly staring into space is not meditation, however, for me, it was a beginning where I learned from vacantly staring into space that I could bring my mind back and connect within. At the age of twelve I can remember that my mum and dad use to receive the mail order books from “Double Day Book Club” this is way before computers were in households. I use to flip to the spiritual section and I was allowed to order two books a month. I can remember one of these books was about meditation. I started to learn to connect and utilize the power of meditation in daily practice, even when I had to go to church with my parents. I would sit in the pew and meditate, shutting down everything around me. When I meditated regularly I happen to open my four Clair’s. My Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Claircognitive abilities would awaken me at times. I could not believe that through meditation it not only made my Clairs stronger, however, I started to concentrate and stopped the staring off vacantly in the classroom. It taught me many things and that was we can all discipline the mind to connection, clarity and emotional positivity. I meditate not because it helps my psychic ability, however, because it assists me as a person living everyday life. I meditate for clarity of mind that’s my overall reason to why I meditate. Meditation decreases the brain chatter and helps decrease disruptive thought patterns.

How do we Meditate?

Meditation like all modalities comes with techniques and as well learn and become disciplined using these techniques we become better within our meditation practice. Now when I meditate, I simply just don’t zone in the zone. It takes some time and patience.

The steps I take are as follows:

1. I assign a Sacred Space. this could be a chair, cushion, bed or mat on your floor. I become comfortable in my Sacred Space. Gently allowing myself to close my eyes. I tell my conscious mind that I would like it to stop thinking and I just sit in my space. I am seeking at this moment within. Allowing myself the gentle comfort and warmth of the universe to work unconsciously with me, through me and around me.

2. I concentrate on my Breath. Just Breathing. When I allow myself to just breathe, I allow the universal power to flow with me, through me and around me. Breathing as if I am trusting my body to do the breathing for me. As I allow my body to breathe for me, I allow my conscious state to fall into the unconscious state of being.

3. I become aware that I’m In The Zone. Now the zone is different for many, however for me it is complete relaxation, mindful breathing and internal nothingness. I don’t have brain chatter or any particular thoughts, it’s just nothing. It feels like I am awake, however, I am also asleep.

In conclusion, I created a sacred space, breathe and allow yourself to float into the Zone of nothingness. Remember, meditation takes time and practice. It is a daily discipline that when you do it regularly you will gain.

Love and Light,


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