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By Brett: It’s important to know that Archangel Michael has been one of the most quoted Archangels in the bible and the only one that was ever called an Archangel in the bible. Michael is acknowledged in most religions and is found in many historical sacred texts going back to antiquity. As a spiritual medium, I have had a strong connection with Archangel Michael’s energy in my entire life. Archangel Michael referred to as Saint Michael or the head boss of God’s Messengers.


Archangel Michael is a protector and appears carrying a sword which he uses to defend God in all of the wars against Heaven and other higher realms. Michael is known and has appeared to people in their last hours of physical life and some have stated he is known to help souls cross over into the afterlife, which I strongly believe this to be true through my own belief and through the stories of other souls.

Michael’s energy is very strong and he has been mentioned in the book of Daniel three times. He appeared to Daniel while fasting, Daniel 10:13-21. Daniel refers to Michael as the chief prince. Now when working with the energy of Michael it is important to know that he can assist you through your faith and in times when you need him. However, he can’t be responsible for finding you a car park and most certainly can’t physically manipulate future events, circumstances and/or situations. Even Michael knows the spiritual law of ‘Freewill.’ In which all in the spirit have to obey and not interfere in our own lives. In saying this we must remember that if we ask for help and guidance from Michael he will certainly help us, however, we must place that intention out there for Michael to offer his guidance and help. We know that he is one Archangel the detests Satan and all his works. So, when going through trials and negative life circumstances, it is safe to call upon Michael for guidance and assistance.

When smudging with sage you can call upon Archangel Michael in both prayer and ceremony. I always call upon Michael when I am reflecting, meditating and/or smudging my sacred space i.e. home, office and car. I have a little relic and statue that is placed on my sacred home alter in which is a constant reminder of the works of Archangel Michael in my life. Here are some suggestions on how you can invite Archangel Michael into your life:

1. Meditation – When meditating place the intention to ask Archangel Michael for healing and guidance during your meditative state. Usually when I do this I can see huge flashes of purple and at times I see a small angel appear as well. You can find many Guided Archangel Meditations on the internet through YouTube.

2. Prayer – When praying say a little prayer to Archangel Michael. This doesn’t have to be a scripted prayer, however, you can write your own Archangel Prayer if you like. I generally call prayer, reflection. So when I reflect I do this in keeping a spiritual journal where I write what is channeled through to me. However, if you like to sit in reflection/prayer, I would suggest in finding a nice quite sacred space where you can spend ten or so minutes in silence with the realm of spirit and Archangel Michael.

Here is a prayer which is one of my favorites:

“Archangel Michael I request you to bless me with your light and protection through my day. Remain at my side and lead my actions and words to drive from a place of love. I request you to cleanse my vibration and energy totally of negative beliefs and thoughts, release my fears and to discourage beliefs. Help me to wholly and completely experience light, love and joy that is existing in every minute and guide me to my greatest and highest good.”

One of my most favorite topics to write about is Archangel Michael and assisting people on how they too can form a strong relationship with Archangel Michael and use in their everyday life. If you would like to receive more guidance on this topic, please connect with me on LifeReader.


Many blessings to you and yours.

Love and Light,


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