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By Brett: Animals are intuitive, loving and show us as humans how we are meant to really live life. They depend on us for their survival and for some only are with us on earth for a very little time compared to our time on earth. I have always felt a compassion for animals and as a young child, I was raised on a farm around lots of different species of animals. In the past, I couldn’t help but feel affected by some animals and the suffering they encounter.


Whether that is through neglect, disease or older age. My empathic ability can pick up on all kinds of suffering and barriers that an animal may experience. Their devotion to us is amazing and at times they have a devotion level that outweighs from other humans, we share our sacred space with on earth.

We imagine that animals like us can be simple creatures and that’s because they can’t talk with us through their barks, meows, chirping and many other forms of physical communication, doesn’t mean they can’t communicate with us through their energy. Animals can talk to their pet owners through psychic ability. For many of us our pets hold deep meaning in our lives. For most of our pets, we allow them to sleep with us or sleep near us, we allow some pets to eat when we eat and some to share the television time with. All in all, they are as significant to us and just as important as another human we are sharing life with.

Animal psychic communication is a great way to know what your pet is thinking and if they are happy with you or not. It is no different to any other psychic phenomena and/or readings that take place. All Psychics read energy and some can read the energy of your pet.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to know how your pet thinks of you? Some comment and I can give you evident information around what you and your pet did last Saturday. It is a really awesome way to get to know your pet a little more, so you can accommodate for them on a higher level. Pets need us and we need them.

I am available on LifeReader to give you a Animal Psychic Communication reading where I can tap into your pets energy and tell you what they are thinking of you and how they are enjoying life with you.

All you need to do is connect with me on LifeReader. Information needed for the reading includes: – Pets Name – Pets Date of Birth if you have it – Pets Kind and Breed Catch you on LifeReader for an Animal Psychic Communication Reading.


Love and Light,


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